Story A Day, Day 21 – Open Beta

Header image by Ivo Kruusamägi under Creative Commons 3.0.

“I’m fairly sure this isn’t supposed to happen.”

Finn jabbed the table again with two fingers, and it was sent flying several metres across the otherwise empty gymnasium, falling over and coming to rest. He laughed again, partially at this and partially at the ideas he was getting from this.

Rain smiled the smile of somebody that was amused yet reluctant to take part in the chaos that could ensue. “We finally found us something. Do you think the administrator will want to hear about this or do you want to continue being broken?”

FInn looked back over his shoulder and mischievously grinned, shaking his head once.

“Nahhh! Who knows what our administrator’s like? There are the ones with a sense of humour that leave the good bugs for people to play with and there are the killjoy ones that fix anything that’s more than one line or decimal point off.”
“Get you. You’re well on the way to being the new Brisend Exploiter.”

Finn burst into peals of laughter and continued in between and during speech.

“Negative friction! He found zones with negative friction! All those cars skidding and flying across the street…!”

Rain chuckled and shook his head. “Even funnier that nobody died. Anyway, I’m going out quickly. Don’t go too crazy.” He touched the door handle to open it and the door tore itself free of the frame and flew off into the sky slowly, rotating slowly in all directions in the mean time.

Finn fell to the floor, unable to utter a full sentence or help himself in fits of intense laughter as Rain stared in his unbroken expression of amusement taken a step up.

“Goodbye, door. May you find your dreams in the stars.”

Waiting for Finn to breathe, Rain waited until the time was right to ask.

“You know, I think we’ve found more than a few bugs. Remember that one time Lynn won the office table tennis tournament.”

“That was so BROKEN. Now you mention it, what she did wasn’t possible.”

“Yep. I think we could apply to be field beta testers. More of this. And we get to see the administrator too when we apply. Don’t know if they’ll be as chill as the one at home but hey, this is new territory.”
“Yeah, but then the administrator knows…never mind. You’re on. Let’s go.”


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