Story A Day, Day 25 – Shatter

It was any normal conflict at the beginning. Hahaha. “Normal”. “Conflict”. I wish it was like it was when it broke out. That really is normal for me now. Going home, living another life, that’s beyond normal now. Some would say extraordinary.

I was on the battlefield at first, feeling like I was twitching wildly as I thought all newbies like me did. Pretty surprised to find out we were winning. Actually winning, with whatever we could find in the ashes we’d had to hide out from. We didn’t know who they were but they were strong. Maybe they were a government force…not like we could actually tell which government though. If they were this far in, they’d probably flushed out our actual military. They probably figured we were an easy win and sent a splinter of a group off to finish off any resistance while they finished their capture.

They were mistaken.

At first.

They only had about two tanks and they were background decoration. The infantry were barely even trying. We’re whittling down their seemingly already low numbers with old firearms, metal objects, broken wooden objects, several shades of makeshift flamethrower that could have as easily killed us.

There was a sudden shift, and I wondered if I’d just been shot without knowing it. For a moment everything shifted to the side and left brief afterimages of where they previously were. The sky flashed red with this shift and we’d generally learned that red was a bad colour. In that moment we could only hope it meant nothing significant.

We were mistaken.

First, as sudden as the snapping of a twig, the enemy suddenly pushed so much more. Fiercer, more motivated, bloodthirsty. Melee weapons were next to useless now – they’d properly notice you this time round. We could tell we were gone going by this alone. If it was something I could believe, I would have believed they’d been swapped out with a completely different force that looked the same.

Second, halos appeared above the tanks and they moved at a speed they shouldn’t have been able to move at. I saw it. I saw how they drove across the chasm. Not through it. Across it, across the gap. It was like even the tanks were surpassing their limitations for our blood.

Third, there were more of them. More of every single type of them. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out their dead soldiers straight-up just rose from the dead.

That wasn’t enough overkill, apparently. The battlefield lit up like an oversized lighter. It was suddenly on fire like it was supposed to be that way and it just needed the spark. A few of us and a few of them burnt to death on that one.

I was killed by a tank in the end. Not a bad way to go. After my death…it wasn’t a death, really. All that happened was that I felt…some sort of change. I don’t know how to describe it. The people on the field suddenly lost all meaning. They all felt like enemies. I wanted to take them all out. I could tell who was who based on reactions but I felt no allegiance to either side.

I heard a voice. “Come with me.” The voice somehow seemed nondescript. Like it had no tone or inflection or pitch. that it was a voice that just was. Another shift, but then I was walking down an eerily white corridor with somebody wearing a long white lab coat in front of me. He says nothing until we reach the end of the corridor. “Your room.” He opens the door and it’s…my room again.

He could have done better. But he didn’t. It didn’t matter, fate was fate. You were there, against the old drawer over there, sitting and looking down at the floor. You know how the rest goes. Here I am, explaining everything to you. We still have a long way to go. Sit tight. You’ll know everything soon enough.


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