Story A Day, Day 28 – Knight

“It’s ready. Everything’s in place, checks complete, nothing abnormal. You’re clear! Activate it and show the world our new Knight.”

“Nothing’s happening, Elle! It’s not doing anything, and I would REALLY appreciate it doing something right about now!”

“It’s working fine, Flint. The light is on and all you have to do now is press it.”

“It’s NOT on! I see nothing, and the longer I spend here with this damn nonfunctional thing the more I’m going to want to launch this blade through my torso!”

“I see the problem here, Flint. One mechanism here is inactive. Just a few seconds and…it’s ready to go. My apologies.”

After a minute of circling the crater standing primed on the moving launcher as if he were caught at the edge of a whirlpool, Flint sprung headfirst at the two medium-sized wyvern-like beings in the middle, crystals sprouting from where their front shoulders were, in addition to the back of their claws and the ends of their tails. If Flint did anything wrong, he could see himself impaled on them.

This time around, he got it right and he plunged his sword into the base of the wyvern’s left wing with all his might, partially severing it and eliciting a screech grating enough to briefly make Flint’s blood run cold and Elle recoil and move her headphones from her ears. The wyvern jerked upwards, nearly hurling Flint off its back. He held on just long enough for him to jump off its back, giving him enough time to finish it off via its underside. There was a roar from a few metres and Flint turned to see crystal-tipped wings cutting through the air, aimed right at his heart. For a brief moment, he was sure his armour would fail and he would die there and then.

The wing tips were deflected and instead flattened against his armour briefly before returning to their owner. Flint backed up to collect himself and heard Elle’s voice again.

“That’s one down. Good work on the first one there. You’re the first true offence we have against these wyverns so I’m sure you Knights have this. We took a chance with new technology, and it worked. Its crystals can’t get you, so go get that wyvern. I’ll see you when you’re done.”

Flint stared down the seemingly now harmless wyvern, and charged.


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