Audio – Second Chances

I tried my hand at it again. What did I write. Maybe I used a cliche and I don’t know it. FIGHT ME. Or don’t, because that would solve nothing. Don’t do it. It would be a terrible idea for everybody.

I’m more comfortable with it than I was before, though. Usually with anything approaching romance I just freeze up like a deer in the headlights because it’s something I have zero experience with whatsoever. Have I really found what I write best, though…? I haven’t strayed too far from my beginning genre and maybe I’d be super comfortable with the crime genre or something. It doesn’t matter though. As long as I find something I find fun then it’s good. And I got that already.

This time around, I tried to build it around music, or around the atmosphere the music created. The first track is what I started from and the second is what I feel fits it. I’ve actually built a lot of pieces around music or the atmospheres they create, though I doubt I remember which ones they are now. A fair amount of the time they end up deviating from the music too. I’ve taken a lot of ideas from everyday occurrences and the occasional stray thought, too. Most of my recent ones have been just that. I’ve been remembering more dreams, though few in their entirety. I watched Sister Act a few days ago and the following night’s dream was of me being in a choir. That was it. Just me doing choir stuff. We were a serious bunch there who really put ourselves into our work.

I bought Dusk Maiden of Amnesia on a whim from Comic-Con as well. It’s not amazing so far though I’m only up to episode 7 so far. I adore the opening and ending sequences though. Oops, I forgot to write a thing on Comic-Con. Will I? Is there anything to write?


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