Audio – Time and Space

Funny that the audio for something titled Time and Space is from the Pokemon games about those two things. (I really don’t like that last note at the end of each loop though. It’s creepy and it sounds exactly like the beginning to the music for the Old Chateau, which was a genuinely creepy place. It’s only one thing that lasts a second though so the overall effect is calming.) I could imagine this being played by a music box.

So, I guess I’ll leave the roundup for another post.

I had to do some quick research on things such as car accident recovery, though I can’t say I understand what Lynn’s going through so I’m not sure if I’ve correctly written her and her mother. I haven’t experienced what Nadine’s going through…kind of. The events themselves weren’t as harmful at all but the effects and fallout were pretty similar. That was something that was fixed, too.

I actually thought I was to be writing the story for the 30th today, oops. I was at home and started writing this on my notepad. I planned to write something different and finish this for tomorrow, but I realised I was writing for the 31st instead and couldn’t do the different thing. Oops.


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