Comic-Con Report

SO. I finally get around to this.

I got up at 7am again, as per usual. Despite getting ready very quickly I didn’t make it to the con until about 10am. Strangely, a lot of the trains and tubes weren’t that busy – I got seats on the tube AND the DLR, which has never happened. Even other con-goers were commenting on the comparatively quiet nature of the journeys.

When I got there, it felt so familiar even though I hadn’t been there since October. It was busy when I got there already, though. Not surprising for 10am. I couldn’t even weave through the crowds like I could in the main hall of the London ExCel last year. Naturally, the first place I went to was the Artist’s Alley. Okay, it’s actually called Comic Village, but I can’t stop calling it the Artists’ Alley. It was good to see most artists I was familiar with there again.

I proceeded to look all over to see things that caught my interest. This con seemed to have a lot of anime and manga, more so than last time. I got a fair amount of anime DVDs due to that. I can’t help myself. I didn’t really think to take photos of things though, I did take photos but I learnt the hard way that the 3DS camera isn’t too reliable in what it shows you when you’re about to take a photo.

There was also the Sarah J. Maas signing. I was told the signing would begin at 11:30. I looked at my phone. 11:35. I made my way across the crowded hall as quickly as I could (not very) and already a long queue had formed. I waited and waited, but the line wasn’t moving at all. I decided I had things to do other than wait and decided more things could be done in the time it’d take for me to get to the front of the queue, so I left.

Come to think of it, while I burnt myself out as per usual on Saturday, most things happened on Sunday.

That day, again, 7am, tubes and DLR not as busy as October again.

I talked to some new artists that day. I’m very happy that I did so, I got some great new books. Sweatdrop Studios in particular, I may add. I spent a lot of time in the Artists’ Alley during the con.

I also played the demo for Tales of Zestiria on the PS3. It was actually really fun although I didn’t get much time to learn the general gameplay from the demo…It was enough for me to take interest, however.

I bought some more comics and had longer conversations with artists (I was pretty fatigued by this point, so I was generally taking more time for everything) but they were definitely worth it.

I racked up so many StreetPass hits on my 3DS as well, to the point even after 10 minutes of walking I wasn’t getting many people because I’d gotten most of the people on StreetPass.

I met up with some friends near the end though we were all ready to leave by that time. We spent a few more minutes there before heading home. Although we had to wait 50 (50!) minutes from Waterloo station until our train home so we spent that time playing games on the 3DS and getting food.

I got:

Monster Hunter figurines

Kill la Kill Volumes 2 and 3

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia

Eureka Seven Box 1

A sunbro hoodie (from Dark Souls, looks like Solaire’s armour)

SO MANY comics

SO MANY prints

Dark Souls Limited Edition (for the DVD, artbook and soundtrack CD. It was only £15)

A Mega Ampharos plushie

Attack on Titan Vol. 2

I was rather sad to leave the con, though. It’s not often I get to go to one (because I spend so much money!)

But of course, I had to leave and recover, as well as return to the real world. I did take my obligatory “leaving” photo.

con1 con2

It was raining when I left too. Bye bye Comic-Con indeed. :(


One thought on “Comic-Con Report

  1. It was so fantastic this year!!!

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