Story A Day Roundup

Whew, what a month. I had a story for most days, it seems. I was at home some days though without internet access and two days were allocated for Comic-Con cooldown, and I think I just plain forgot for one or two other days.

After the two titans that were Beyond and Of Void, I wasn’t sure if I could keep it up for the whole month. As it turned out, all I had to do was shorten the length. I had much longer stories in mind at the start, hence why I started so big, but I was running out of steam near the end and I had to cut off Beyond before I collapsed of exhaustion at my desk.

It’s probably pretty obvious by now that I am very proud of Of Void. Other than that, my favourites would probably be…Rebirth, The Blades, Shift, Knight and Second Chances. Shift felt pretty solidly written, same for The Blades. And of course I’d like Rebirth because it’s a style I’m comfortable with. Resonant felt fairly different to write for me, something in the point of view of somebody that isn’t like any of the characters I’ve written, or me for that matter.

(Oh dear, I just realised I wrote two stories named Shift, better go fix that)
I’d like to follow up on the (just renamed ahahaha) Shatter, I could see that going somewhere crazy very quickly.

I also noticed the idea of ‘life beyond death’ was something that popped up before. Strange coincidence, but I guess that’s how my worlds go. Some of these stories were ideas I’ve had for a while, such as the weapons in The Blades, ideas that I loved so much I refused to let go of them.

I took some chances too, in the form of posts such as Deathlancer. Second Chances was also a leap of faith, and I’m proud of that one.

Bounding Through Time makes me laugh to myself a bit. I imagine it as essentially Fred and George Weasley with time travel.

The material in Rain didn’t seem like the best I’d done, but it seems to have a nice atmosphere, and for that reason I remember it. Maybe it was some of my better stuff. I like it.

I generally tried not to linger or anything, so after I finished a post I did everything I could to make sure I couldn’t see anything about it afterwards, so there might be a few errors here and there. As I just noticed in the embedding for the second audio for Second Chances. Oops.

I’m happy with Time and Space as a closer too. I always used to like ending things with a bang, but nowadays I prefer ending things on a calm, maybe more atmospheric note. Like you’re ready to go to sleep after a long day or night out. I have plenty of new characters now, and I’m surprised with how little trouble I had with naming. For me, both naming and character creation don’t seem to be determined by anything in particular if they’re not based on anything, although one regret I have is not coming up with more morally dubious characters. I’m exhausted myself to be honest. Comic-Con, nights out, days out, picnics, personal projects and most of all, work. I’m not even done with work yet though I have nothing else to do so all I have left is that then I have the summer to lie in bed all day watching all my DVDs and reading all my books and whatnot. I could do with that right about now.

Call me strange, but I think making myself blind to the statistics etc. of my blog and posts helped my writing a bit. It means I’m not worrying about whether others think my work is bad, I can simply write for myself if I can’t see anything but the story as I’m writing it.

I think I’ll take a break for now. I did have a dream last night though and I also have the Comic-Con roundup too.

Still, as for Story A Day, I did it (mostly) and I gained experience. That’s what counts.


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