Header image by Zeynel Cebeci under Creative Commons 4.0.

Last night’s dream started with me going to practice for some undefined sport. Sports, actually; we were going through several different sports. It might have started as just practice but by the end it was clear we were all just doing everything for fun. Maybe it was the last day. By the end, we were all tired, it had gotten dark to the point we were expecting the floodlights to come on at any moment, and it was threatening to rain.

After practice, I met up with two of my friends (not from real life, however) and with everybody else at practice, we all walked to the nearby train station as a group. It felt good to be winding down like this.

The underground train station had a fairly low ceiling, though it was interesting in that it had a seemingly redundant side passage near the stairs leading down. I talked with the two friends who had met me after training there, occasionally looking out and listening for the train. We spent a surprisingly long time there before the train arrived.

The train journey was quieter than the time spent waiting. From a lively gathering of people at a seemingly out of the way underground station to a collection of people tired from their day, I couldn’t help but join them – even while talking with my friends I was significantly less tense. The first, a woman with a spring coat and medium-long black hair, invited us both to come over to her house the next day.

The next day, it wasn’t as overcast as the day before; it could only really be defined as mild, though I wouldn’t be surprised if it suddenly clouded over. I met up with the other, a woman wearing a carefree white sundress despite the weather. She herself had the same carefree air about her and a slight unpredictability, although not in a potentially dangerous way.

I wasn’t exactly sure of the way to our friend’s house, so I asked my friend present to take the lead. Instead of heading to the train station, she wanted to walk. I wasn’t even sure if we were even heading over yet, but I was up for a walk. We crossed the street, across the two roads next to the roundabout and down a fairly steep hill. On the other side of the hill I saw a red-brown wooden fence blocking the edge off from the road, and I noted it down as a landmark in my head.

We walked a very, very long way. Down hills, across underground train tracks back into the open somehow, through grassy fields in the middle of nowhere coated in flowers, down steeper hills. We’d made the walk to where I’d had practice and further. I’ve already forgotten half of the locations, but I remember the long walk. We talked all the way and it was still late morning/early afternoon, so it was fine. I suggested that we should start heading over to our friend’s house. She agreed, and we went…right back the way we came. We journeyed through the same places, through the field I’d taken to so much, through all the places I’ve already forgotten.

I very much remember climbing the hill we’d first walked down, though. The woman with the spring coat was waiting for us across several roads, though she didn’t seem particularly impatient or annoyed. After what seemed like an eternity waiting for cars to stop driving by, we finally crossed the roads to meet our other friend.

When we were seemingly finally all there, the woman in the spring coat noted that the one I’d travelled here with was gone. She was indeed gone.

I don’t remember how, but we knew where to find her. We headed towards the heart of the city, worried. We arrived at a surprisingly clean-looking plaza with a pool at one end and a fountain in front of a 40 metre high pillar monument of some sort.

She was standing on top of the pillar, telling us that we had to go get her. She seemed to mean it, and she seemed to find this amusing. No malice. She was challenging us to climb the pillar. I discussed our options with my other friend and we had nothing, no way to get anybody up or down from the pillar.

Even as the dream ended, we had no options.


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