So, I’ve supposedly been resting since Story A Day. Juggling Story A Day, Comic-Con preparation as well as life in general (trying new things as usual) has strengthened me quite a bit. That’s physically, mentally and emotionally, three aspects I thought would be weakened by the whole ordeal. I was expecting to be posting this kind of thing somewhere in July, but I suppose it won’t make much difference.

Since then, I’ve constantly had a faint urge to write. Not strong enough to stop what I’m doing and go write something or spend ages trying to think of something to write, but it’s there. I suppose Story A Day has done well in its aims. Most days I find myself brainstorming stories or thinking about things I’ve already written, or even whether I remembered enough of last night’s dream to write it down on this blog. I like to believe my writing has improved greatly during May as well.

I’ve also been thinking about changing the blog a bit. Main things would be adding a header, changing the blog name and perhaps the URL, and possibly changing the theme. And actually getting an avatar, though I have no idea how to go about that one. I’m reluctant to change the name for any confusion it may generate and I’m reluctant to change the theme because I’ve grown very attached to the Dusk to Dawn theme. (It ties in very well with the theme of the blog, it allows me to do a lot with features such as headers and menus, and I just think it looks really pretty.)

Fairly early on during Story A Day, I stopped myself from seeing all notifications and any notification emails from WordPress were marked as read and redirected to another folder. I have already said that it was because otherwise I would be too self-conscious about my writing (think of it as me putting a blindfold over my eyes and just writing.)
That, I can understand. Even with that said, I realise (?) I don’t have to be afraid. I can only go so far by myself, I suppose.

I guess what I’m saying is that I’d like more feedback although I’m not sure if I’d really get any, so I’ll admit to being nervous on that count. Regardless, I’ll continue writing as normal. (I only have sporadic internet access now, though. Oh dear.)

In August I’m going to see if I can do Write Yourself Alive. I’d actually looked for writing challenges to do in June but found nothing. I’m considering Camp NaNoWriMo although I doubt I’ll actually do it. We’ll see, I guess. It would limit my options for non-writing things, though…

WELL. I guess the only way is forward now. (And I hope I haven’t left any errors or sentences I don’t want in this.)

Update, I guess…?


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