Audio – If I Could Relive Those Memories

Does this fit? It has a slight “memory” feel to it. It’s a great song anyway.

That was quite a strange dream, but a good one. The shinai is out of place but is probably there because one of the characters in the show I’ve been watching (Uzu Sanageyama from Kill la Kill) is very good at kendo and wields a shinai as a weapon. (That I say because that’s all I have on that topic.) He’s my favourite character. The wooden sword seemed somewhat generic in comparison…

I wonder how I survived to visit what was likely a 50 year commemoration if I refused to pick up an effective weapon. I guess that sort of turnaround is what movies are made of. I still remember my panic though, and was so very glad to wake up. Did World War II take place in this reality? Or did it begin nearly a decade late with the odds stacked against Britain? War dreams are always very, very nerve-wracking, to say the least. Nearly as bad as the ones where I’m sentenced to death for unnamed crimes.

I also took part in National Flash Fiction Writing Day 2015. Maybe I should have done this dreamlog and audio while submissions were still open. Oops. I was out until about 7pm though. You can view some entries on the blog here.

I did submit mine but it was rejected, to little surprise. Those stories do get published, of course. (I think?) And anyway, I haven’t ever been rejected for anything in writing, so maybe it’s a rite of passage of sorts. I don’t feel particularly put out though I feel the piece I submitted was one of my weaker pieces. Sometimes even I don’t know what’s happening in my writing. Sometimes I read stories and dreamlogs and I have one of those “Oh, right!” moments where there seems to be an explanation I never saw before despite the fact I wrote it. I recommend checking out the blog, though.


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