Audio – 1929

I’m wondering if there’ll be a part 3. Illumination still hasn’t had a part 3 though, so I’m not getting my hopes up. (Also, wow, that post seems really…different to my newer ones in terms of well, dreamlogs. I guess I’ve improved since then.)

I don’t get why it was champagne I was so eager to drink, though. It’s one of the few drinks I actually dislike. But at least I got to make a dumb reference to something. I’m still not sure what that blue-black paint-like thing was though. It was pretty weird.

As for dream 2, I wish I remembered more about what I meant when I talked of 1929 regarding the message. I know it was about something, but it might not have been the Great Depression. Oh well, I love summer festival dreams anyway. It still doesn’t feel like summer for me, but these dreams are good at least.


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