Exit Stage Left

Header image by Faisal Akram under Creative Commons 2.0.

A streetlight briefly falters in the dawn’s infancy; barely visible in its lonely light, the misty rain before the day begins and the eyes open. By the waterfront’s edge, two unidentifiable figures in tattered shroud-like cloaks stand staring at the water and each other, wordlessly discussing the decision they are about to make.

One lifts a worn old silver necklace chain from his neck, and gazes at it for several seconds before dropping it into the water. He feels a strange sense of relief as they both watch it quickly disappear below the surface to depths unknown.

The other stands vigilant, still trying to process the strangeness of it all. The decision itself, and the whirl of events preceding. She does not move a single muscle for the entire time they stand at the water’s edge, separated by the railings. It feels wrong to her. Un-lifelike.

With a single gaze lasting an indeterminate time, they have made up their minds – the damage had already been done, and the time for one last dance was over.

With one final movement: exit stage left.


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