A Pointless Aside

So, I did say I’ve been writing to keep sane. I’m coming up with nothing tonight though, hence why I’m just typing this now. It’s a shame because I could really do with some sanity tonight. Some real stuff going down tonight as well as tomorrow. Not as much as you’d think it is, but still. It’s a shame I’m not doing Write Yourself Alive though. It cost a fair bit of money to join, so I decided against it. I also wish I had 750 Words but I’d have to pay for that, too. Story A Day MIGHT be on in September. Hopefully it’ll be on then. I’m kind of wondering whether it’s time to step up and take a shot at at least something small like a short book or something. That’s probably just late night overambitiousness (?) though. I very much doubt my writing is good enough to be in print form yet, and plus, I’d have to have people read it and give feedback. I don’t really have anybody to do that. Sometimes when I’m at conventions I see all the stalls and think to myself “I wish I could have a stall somewhere in the future.” In this day and age though, I don’t think I could for all sorts of reasons. But it would still be nice to have anything released. I’d like to get somewhere. But then again, maybe that’s just late night overambitiousness.


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