I found a cool thing: GeoGuessr.

I found something online called GeoGuessr. It’s something that places you at a random point in the world on Google Maps, and you have to guess where in the world you are. It really requires you to think: What could be in the USA could also be in Canada, and dirt roads could be anywhere. As a British person, I am at a disadvantage, but it’s still good. My best strategy is to look for a sign and look at the location or the language. I got within 17km of a street in Latvia this way.

It’s also good if you just want to wander about on Google Maps. I remember on my old blog I explored Shibuya and wrote something based on it. Often, I end up on a countryside road or a motorway road; that doesn’t really offer much information. So, the best thing to do is keep going until you hit the motorway.

There’s more than just the world; you can also explore cities and counties, though I’d imagine that’d be a little harder.

In short, even if Google Maps works just as well, it’s a fun little tool that could just as well be used for writing, something that engages the brain a bit more. (It is for me, at least.)


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