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I looked on Wikimedia Commons’ front page and the image I wanted was right there. What are the chances?

I got back an hour ago from trying to walk off a horrible headache I’ve had all day. It was unsuccessful and I still have the headache at the time of writing, but I got to walk through some woods and listen to some of my autumn playlist when I got back, and I just felt like writing. Sorry if it isn’t any good, I just really wanted to write something. I’m tired of hot weather and I’m tired of the constant high temperatures in here at night so it’s nice that the weather’s gotten colder. The trees outside started turning red, so it’s a sight for sore eyes whenever I walk into the kitchen.

The character talking seemed pretty young and naive. I’m fairly suspicious of the one he was talking to as well, though. Like a mythical creature that takes people to other dimensions and leave them trapped there. But then again, I usually don’t even fully understand my own writing until I reread them months later.

Wow, I’ve been inactive lately. I keep forgetting a lot of my dreams though, maybe that’s why. I’m also burnt out from MCM Expo this weekend as well. I should probably read some of the stuff I got there, now that I mention it.


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