Audio – The Flood

…Oh. So that was my 200th post. And I forgot to do something special for it. Oh well, I don’t think a special post would be missed anyway, and I can’t think of anything “special” to do for it anyway.

…I’ve been forgetting a lot of my dreams lately. Oops. That and I’ve been working on a lot of other things over the autumn and winter, and I can only focus on one hobby at a time so I had to put writing on the backburner. It’s kind of a shame though, since while I was active I really felt like I was making progress in terms of my own writing skill, which admittedly still needs a -lot- of work. I guess sometimes it’s okay to not be feeling up to it, though. I hope it is, anyway.

That scientist was so nice, too. Then she goes and talks about research she abandoned while the flood is already at our level. That’s scary. I’m glad I don’t have many “rising waters” dreams though. Those were among the most frightening. Though there’s plenty more frightening dreams out there, I suppose. (Though since I’m always some degree of lucid in dreams, it’s been years and years since I’ve had anything that would qualify as an actual nightmare.)


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