Audio – The End of School Festival

I guess I like Darren Korb’s music more than I thought, which is saying a lot.

I can’t seem to remember my dreams at all nowadays, and even when I do, they’re disjointed and nonsensical even for dreams. My terrible sleep and eating patterns and overall not taking care of myself isn’t helping, either.

But still, I’m glad that dream had the whole thing where I comment as *myself* and not my dream self on something, since as I may or may not have said, it doesn’t happen very often. Festival dreams seem to be extremely common as far as dreams I remember go, but I’m not complaining. Even if it’s just a dream, I’m still spending 4-10 hours asleep still having some degree of fun, aren’t I? Okay, I guess that sounds strange. But I know what I mean, anyway.

I suppose this can be seen as my current self just remembering things again. It never happened, but it’s all based in reality and memories. But, it’s late right now, so I guess I’d be prone to feeling this way.


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