The End of School Festival

Header image by Mti under Creative Commons Attribute-Share Alike 3.0 Unported.

So, I remember having another dream about a month ago. For a dream, one of my dreams, it isn’t particularly special nor is it a new scenario. Yet, it remains in my mind. It’s always there at the back, telling me to write it down. If I still remember it over everything else I’ve dreamed over the last few months, then I will write.

I was back at school again – the end of secondary school, to be precise – or high school, depending on what you call it. It was the final day of school and the first day of summer – the final bell rang and we ran outside. Not power-walked, not paced, ran.

The end of school festival.

Organised and run entirely by the school itself, this was larger than any other celebrations an actual school might hold at the end of term, perhaps owing to the large size of the school grounds itself – here, the grounds were comprised of the real grounds plus various other locations I had visited in real life. I sprinted down the hill and into the woods, wordlessly entering into a immature yet carefree race with others who had decided to begin sprinting. I suppose it didn’t hurt to be earlier to get better spots for the opening act at the main stage, though.

When I arrived I came out of the other side of the woods and into the field, out of breath and completely ignoring that fact. Everybody was crowded in a ring around a large space in front of the stage where the crowd would usually be. I could see the band getting ready for their set. I was early, but it wasn’t enough to get the best view. Two of my friends ended their run right by me and said they weren’t going to wait here the whole time for the first set, and that we should go where we all usually hang out. I went with them and the rest of them were all there. I briefly reverted to my current self and noted how long it had been since I’d seen some of them, as if I was making a third-person comment on my own dream. Conscious comments are rare in dreams, so it seemed particularly strange. They never noticed this shift either.

Maybe it was because I never got a chance to tell them that, though. Not that it was really important anyway. After some chatting we wandered over back to the field. Whatever was holding people back in a ring outside the stage was gone and the crowd slowly moved in front of the stage. I remember heading over…but never arriving.


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