Header image by Niceley under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International.

I remember last night’s dream clearly as well – only the second in what feels like months.

It was similar to last night’s dreamlog – I started in a building with three people I used to be friends with. I was a little older than I was in The Old School Festival, but not much older – the two dreams could even be linked. I remember the building fairly well for what it was – it could have been a college or university building, and maybe at that point I was looking for a college or university to go to. The building was somewhat labyrinthine – enough for me to only remember the last part of the building, where one corridor split into three parallel corridors. We all played in the corridors for a while, running around and so on…not the best way to show we were higher education material, but we were having fun.

After a while, we walked out the door at the end of the middle corridor where all three corridors converged on the other end, onto a balcony with a beautiful view. In the mid-afternoon sun I could see rolling hills in the distance, the city and its roads below, and everything from here to the horizon. We all sat there for at least an hour. I remember murmuring “I like this dream”. When I was younger, even acknowledging the dream would usually cause it to turn into a nightmare. But when I said it, I knew I didn’t have to be afraid because nightmares can’t even touch me any more.

After a while we went back into the corridors and played around a little more, almost accidentally knocking over some passersby in the process – really not the best way to make an impression…thankfully, we stopped after that. At the end of my time there I went to ask a staff member for the real world location of this building. He gave me a train station and directions to the building from there. I’ve since forgotten the directions but I remember being disappointed, because I knew there was no train station in real life with the name he gave me. That’s all I remember.


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