Audio – Consequence

Considering the fact that the dream was about resets and loading and stuff like that, of course it was going to be something by Toby Fox.

This dream seems to be similar to The Old Bridge Incident in which I relive the events of the day, trying to do things in the right order to make things right. I like this style of dream.

So yeah, sorry for not posting in a while. Again, I haven’t really been remembering much and I’ve been too busy to most days. It only take a few hours before I forget a dream and I don’t have those hours most days to sit down and write them down.

I actually did have a somewhat interesting dream a while ago, but it was a clear rip-off of the plot of Deus Ex: Human Revolution anyway, so I didn’t write it down. (Having great fun on that game – just started my third playthrough.) I’ve been focusing on other things in my spare time as well, so not much original writing…

Well, hopefully I’ll remember more in the next few months, I guess? If not, see you in a month.


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