Header image by Wsiegmund under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported.

A convention in a faraway town. A catastrophe at the hot springs caused by the appearance of new predators. The destruction of a mountain village. A misguided fight to the death  in the mountains between two former soldiers trying to regain their lost glory.

And that’s only as far as I got.

In this dream, I found I could load, save and reset this day myself. The entire first half of the dream was spent in this day without me knowing; I chose to go to the faraway convention, completely missing every disaster happening that day. Mysteriously, I still kept everything I’d bought when I reset.

On the next loop, I spend the first half of this day at home with a friend. On the way out I looked at all the shirts I bought and wondered if it was worth it, not yet even aware of how relevant that thought was.

My first port of call was the river near the waterfall after I left home. Most of the animals that were meant to be there were there, but…they seemed spooked. It was obvious something was wrong. I got back on my off-terrain bike and raced to the hot springs nearby to find countless of these…monstrous creatures stomping around. They looked almost like dinosaurs. From the way they were roaming, they’d already claimed this new area for themselves.

I spent an unknown amount of time nervously watching from behind a rock until a geyser erupted and for whatever reason sent these creatures into a frenzy – maybe they’d just arrived here. I didn’t have time to do anything before they starting coming this way – no, they were headed for the river. I didn’t particularly want to find out what would happen so I got on my bike and got away as fast as I could. Even on a vehicle I could feel the ground shaking slightly. As I was making my escape I felt, saw and heard a rockslide caused by the stampede. I watched it hit a village.

Knowing I’d failed here, I made my way to the mountains for reasons beyond me. I stopped at an abandoned village. Snow blanketed the ground and the burnt-out frames of buildings didn’t even move an inch as I walked through.

A circle of people was gathered at the end of the path, a circle of ruins of buildings watching too. There was a commotion, and even as I approached and looked in nobody noticed me. There were two people dressed in slightly more elaborate uniform than the soldiers surrounding them on either side, each hurling increasingly aggressive insults at each other, eventually escalating to pushing. They stopped for a moment, before making an agreement to a fight to the death for everything that had happened between them in the past.

This fight took a surprisingly long time to happen; each side’s soldiers were throwing snowballs and small pieces of debris and pebbles at the other’s leader and jeering. The leaders were not happy from this and briefly returned to an exasperated state before starting their fight. I tried to break it up, even if there was little I could do, but even if I did, the soldiers would intervene too and it would get messy. I had failed again.

I reset and started the day anew.

I left my house immediately, got on my bike and headed for the hot springs as fast as possible. Making impossible twenty metre high jumps over raised formations, even riding up walls. I have to admit, even for a dream it was fun.

The predators (if that’s even the best term for them) were actually there at the hot springs already, though they were very calm. Milling about, grazing a little. I don’t remember what happened next. I have no idea what I did, but I calmed them down to the point the eventual geyser eruption had no effect on them.

I heard another rockfall far away, in a different location. Somehow I knew something had collapsed, and my heart sunk slightly.

Maybe the convention and the visit were nothing but distractions, but there was definitely a sequence to this. With the ability to reset, I could get this right eventually.

Hopefully I could do something for the soldiers.

That’s where it ended for me.


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