Audio – Canopy

I didn’t want to spend too much time picking the audio, it’s really late as it is, I should be getting to sleep very soon.

(Later edit: Okay uh, this one gets kind of personal, kinda? It was pretty late anyway, but I’m just giving you a heads up.)

There was still something about that dream I can’t put into words. If I were to interpret it it’d be probably be something like “dissatisfaction with the way my adult life has gone so far” or “disappointment as to how bland the real world truly is”. While I wouldn’t disagree with that I don’t think I feel those things very strongly. And anyway, it is just a dream. But I’ve been having a lot of dreams where I see old schoolmates. It does make me feel at least a little guilty that I don’t talk to any of them any more. But hey, that’s just the way things have gone. I can definitely live with it. While I do sometimes feel directionless, I always find something to distract myself.

Okay, this is going to descend into me possibly accidentally revealing too much about my general feelings about stuff, so I’m going to end it here and go to bed. (Sorry if this got a little too deep.)


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