Audio – Damages

Banner (originally BG) by Kikiyama

So yeah, kinda standard YA-style stuff. I didn’t feel like doing much else so I wrote a thing. I’m beginning to wonder if present-tense writing is my thing as I slipped back into it at several points before correcting it. I also have a much bigger story in mind with this one too, though isn’t that the case with all my little bits of writing? (I still have no idea how good I actually am at this though. Now I think of it, it’s kind of hard to.) The thing she did that she mentions isn’t actually that terrible in terms of “crimes that people think about as they think they’re perishing” but she feels guilty about having to hide it from her family.

The music is the only thing I could think of that fits. Weird ambient noise-y stuff.

Also…! I finished reading Magonia a few days ago!


It was a random buy from Waterstones. It was just sticking out from the shelf. It was pretty much calling to me, so I bought it and spent the journey home raring to start reading it. I read it in a few days so I know I loved it. I was originally reading Haruki Murakami’s Dance Dance Dance, but I left it in a room somewhere last month so I can’t read it…but still, I’m really, really looking forward to a sequel. More than Doors of Stone. I said it. I don’t know what other people think of it, but it’d break my heart to see people talking bad about it. That’s how much I loved it. I might just go to the bookstore the day the sequel gets released, which is a first for me, since I haven’t actually waited outside a store on the first day of release for anything for 6 years. (I’ve only done that twice in my life, come to think of it.)

I liked the main characters, though it wasn’t until the first big event of the book that I really got to like them plus some new characters. I’d imagine like any YA novel the main character could be divisive but I was fine with Aza myself.


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