We were crossing the road on the way to the supermarket when it happened. That’s it. No “uneventful” days with the constant foreboding feeling something was going to happen, no warning signs that were quickly dismissed, nothing.

I asked my dad if we had any bread back at home.

No response. I asked mum.

No response. Callum.

Nothing, but if something was going on, he’d probably be in on it. What had I done in the last minute that would make them stop talking to me? They were talking to me normally a minute ago and I doubt they’d pull anything this cruel on me. Well, probably not.

“Hello? Is anyone listening?”
I stopped walking to make a point, and they just left me there like an idiot.

This really wasn’t funny now. I’m not sure I’ve ever done anything to any of them deserve this sort of silent treatment. Not directly, anyway. I was about ready to raise my voice now. But first, I took a moment to notice the weather. It was…I’m not sure if I remember it being this foggy this morning? I could barely see the crossing from here. It looked like the fog was swallowing up the street.

Maybe it was…? Maybe I was seeing things, but the fog seemed to be getting heavier and heavier. Is this the onset of a new disorder? Is this what it feels like? I really hope not, because I’d my life’s pretty decent, and I intend on keeping it that way. I wasn’t sure whether it was in my head or actually happening, but the end result was the same. A very unhappy and confused me. After twenty seconds, I could barely see where I was going.

Then everything, everyone, just started…fading into the fog. Sounds, lights. I held my hand in front of me, but I could still see it clearly. I started to panic and freeze up. Not so ready to raise my voice now, am I. Not ready to die, either, if that’s what’s happening. Whatever it is, I wanted it to stop.

(Though if I go now, at least I’ll go before my family knows all the things I’ve done that they don’t know about. I tell myself that this is not the time to be having this thought.)

Oh, god. This is always how it looked in all the movies. Everything goes white, and…No, no, no, no.

I considered screaming for a brief second, but self-consciousness overrode the thought, in case it was just me. I called my family’s names. Power-walked to where I thought they might be. Nobody. Nothing. I reached out my hand where I expected to feel the side of a building. Nothing. Nothing…? That isn’t normal. I should be feeling something there.

Everything’s void now. Maybe…

“Hold it.”

I turned around to face the voice. I try my best, but I’m shaking as hard as ever now. Ten metres away, roughly where the crossing would have been, It’s…a man in a sharp white suit…? He has uniform short brown hair to match, though he looks like he could be an assassin just as much as a businessman. I can see him, clear as day, like the fog didn’t even…forget the fog. None of this really makes sense any more. He has a mostly smooth accent, though with some underlying roughness. It sounds just right for the smooth and maybe nonchalant way he said that.

He started walking slowly towards me. Not in any menacing way, but it didn’t make things any better. I held my ground, trying my best in my mind to tell my legs to stay still, but they ignored the message and continued to threaten to give way.

I am Iris, 14 years old, and I haven’t done anything bad enough to deserve this, but this was the day my family pretty much abandoned me anyway.

He stopped just short of a metre and a half of me, and the logical part of me told me he should have been hit by a car for crossing the street in that way. Even with that white suit, part of him unnerved me. He seemed uninterested.

“Listen here. I’m your lawyer now, and I’m here to repair the damage you’ve done. Follow me.”



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