Audio – Decay

I’ve been feeling really low and drained of energy recently, so I haven’t had the energy to do much. So, I’ve started writing again to make myself feeling better. It seems to be working well. I still can’t tell if I’ve made any improvement whatesoever in the last year of this blog, but it’s fun, so I don’t really mind. When I look back on my writing for purposes of seeing how I’ve improved, I tend to look at them in bunches, as in, I group certain pieces depending on when they were written and the time between them all. So, all the Story A Day pieces I did a year ago are a bunch, all the dreamlogs I wrote in quick succession at the start of this blog two years ago are a bunch, and this is part of a bunch with Canopy, 7:30pm and Damages.

I based this one nearly entirely around the audio this time, even the footsteps. (I only discovered this track and artist an hour ago, too.) That and the image of this place? It popped into my head out of nowhere yesterday and I decided to write about it.


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