Audio – Snowfall

Yeah, it’s Undertale. I’m not sure what the reaction would be to this but I’ve already used Homestuck music, so this shouldn’t be too much of a shock, right? Same person, mostly.

There wasn’t *really* anything truly special about that dream, and I apologise for the writing, it isn’t really my day today it seems, but it stuck in my mind anyway. Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen snow in a while. I kinda miss it, even knowing the chaos it causes. Maybe that’s because I know how to plan around snow anyway. The last snowfall I remember is…2009, 2010? I probably won’t even care the next time it actually snows, though. I do think it’d be beautiful though. (Walking in the snow on a quiet night is really great though.) The weather the last two years has just been SO unremarkable, it gets irritating. The winters have been so mild I didn’t even have to wear extra layers for half of it, spring so far has flip-flopped between the warm and chilly side of mild, last summer was…okay, autumn was depressing and rainy as ever, but nowhere near as cold as it used to be…maybe that’s just me, but it still gets to me.

I haven’t really been remembering many dreams lately, I guess…



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