Header image by Alessandro Antonelli under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported.

Last night I dreamt I was visiting a quiet town in an unknown country with my family, all of us staying in an expensive suite high up in a hotel. It was a really nice town too, you could see all of it from this high up; the hotel was on the border between the edge of the town and a large river, and there was a dining area at the base of the hotel to capitalise on that. There was a canal cutting through the town about halfway from here to the hills, and halfway between that and the hills was a clock tower, which was the only building other than this hotel which could be called “tall”. 

On the morning of the second day, I opened the curtains to see a layer of snow over the town, along with snowfall. It was beautiful but at the same time strange – the day before, the weather was mild like it should be mid-spring. The air was as cold as winter too. I experienced a brief moment of opening the curtains in my hometown to see snow, despite the fact that I haven’t seen snow in years.

I went out that night with my family (I’m not sure where to though). It was still snowing heavily – as we walked out the gates to the hotel my vision went almost black. I panicked for a moment, thinking I’d lost my vision then realising it was just obscured nearly completely by the snow; visibility was about half a metre for me. I turned back and said I wouldn’t be going out in these conditions, until either the snow let up or something happened to my vision. I could see everything normally like the snow was a light blanket of fog. I turned back round and someone passing by mentioned that the exact same thing happened to him.

That seems to be all I remember. It’s not much, but it’s…sticking in my mind? If that makes any sense.


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