Audio – Condemned

It’s kind of a similar situation, right? Wow, it’s funny how many of my dreams involving massive cities seem to be similar to this game in one way or another. It’s a great game though, so I’m not too surprised. I think I’ll go for the fifth layer on both audio and header (I couldn’t really find a header image appropriate for the dreamlog, whoops.)

I really loved watching the sun set in the glass castle with everyone, though. My dreams tend not to go for beautiful a lot, so that was pretty cool. It’s a shame glass castles aren’t a thing, though it’s really obvious why they aren’t a thing. The fifth layer was a lot more interesting than the second was beautiful for what it’s worth…I think the robots were a failed government experiment, or that was the feeling I got at least.

This is the first dream I remember in a long time though. Then again I think I say that almost every dreamlog audio nowadays so I guess…well, there’s not much more to say now.


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