Yet Another Convention

Header image by Rept0n1x under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported.

Last night’s dream was of a very common type, a convention/festival one, but I feel compelled to write this down anyway.

The first part wasn’t a convention; instead, I was showing someone around a lavish castle (somebody who would later go to the convention with me; I don’t remember which one), though there were open swimming pools of water dotting around the entrances. Both the entrances and the castle were massive; several times the size and height of a normal castle. Some entrances went into large halls with more swimming pools. I decided to swim in a few of them for a while. I haven’t been swimming for a very long time so it was fairly satisfying.

Skip ahead an unknown amount of time, I’d gone on a trip to the USA for a convention with two people I used to know, one friend and one online friend. A strange combination, definitely – I only remember seeing them all in the same place twice during the course of the convention. I spent most of my time either with the online friend or with one of the two people I used to know.

It was a strange set up; it was on a temporary structure of several floors not too dissimilar to scaffolding, though there was a marquee-style canvas covering acting as a roof. There were stands and booths set up all around the top level, and the other levels were for entry and queuing.

Queuing was uncordinated. Trying to find which way to go for the right queue was like navigating a maze, and at one point I ended up going in a loop. That shouldn’t happen in a queuing area ever. I managed to make it through to the top level and we all met up. Since the friend I’d met online lived in the USA, they told me two of their favourite artists were tabling at the convention and led me to their booths. I spent a while looking and talking, as well as buying some items. I did return a bit later to one of the booths.

I did spend some time talking about the trip expenses with one of the others but I don’t remember much about that, though the last thing I remember is worrying that I’d spent too much on flights.


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