Audio – Snowfall II

So first of all, sorry for my first post after a month and a half being another festival/convention dream. I know it might be the same thing but they’re all memorable to me in their own way, and they all leave an impression and a warm feeling after I wake up. Today wasn’t such a good day for me either so it was good to take my mind off things for a bit. I know the same holds for snow too. I barely remember the last few snowfalls so the last clear memory I have of snow is from when I was a child, and there’s one song I have in my library that I relate to (?) that uses snow to make its point. There was a single day of snow here about…a year ago? A year and half? Two years? It had been completely melted by the time I got home so I never got a chance to really enjoy it. This probably sounds crazy but I like blizzards. I can’t explain why. Maybe it’s because the streets are emptiest during blizzards.

(EDIT: Just reread Audio – Snowfall. The last big snowfall here was early 2009. I may be opening up a paradox here, but whoops, guess I forgot the last snowfall I actually remembered.)


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