Snowfall II

Cropped header image by Sharnikarnikhil88.

I’ve had many dreams about snowfall, and I’ve posted about many, but every single time I can’t help but be overcome by the atmosphere. The wonderful rush of excitement from just looking around, the joyful looks on everyone’s faces, the gentle snowfall that only comes once every few years, the lights on the buildings that show when night falls. I remember a Christmas festival on a high street in a nearby town I was very familiar with. It wasn’t a memory of a real event, but as a memory it works almost as well as one. It was mid-December, the best time of the year for such a festival. After shopping at a nearby clothing store and a brief stop in another shop to switch coats out of the cold, I was wearing a stylish slim white winter jacket with faux-fur lining in places; not my style at all usually, but in this dream it felt amazing to wear, a welcome change from what I usually have. From here until afternoon it was as it always is in festivals – exploring, buying, sightseeing. One sight that I particularly remember was a church spire at late morning covered in snow and Christmas lights barely visible in the daylight yet still visible.

Daylight started to fade mid-afternoon. I remember an orange sunset between 3 and 4pm that drew almost as much attention as the Christmas lights it exposed. By 5pm it was completely dark and the lights and lamp-posts were all there was for visibility. Light snow continued to fall and people continued to wander the street, and none of the stalls were showing any signs of packing up and leaving. This was the highlight of the event; the busy hour, their perfect white Christmas. The next day was a letdown compared to this, but I still remember my last snow-covered sight before I turned around to go home, of the stalls on the street, the houses and their lights on the rooves, converging towards the horizon.

It’s been years since it snowed here. I know it brings this country to a standstill, but if it ever happened again I’d definitely appreciate it.


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