Miscellaneous Dreams II

Cropped header image by Moyan Brenn under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic.

Last night I’m fairly sure I had several completely separate dreams. I know that’s the definition of sleeping but it’s not often that they’re completely unrelated. I only remember two, however…

The first is hazy but I remember being in a room of people, in the front room of their friend’s house. They were talking and I was trying to manage both talking with them and doing something on a computer. I was evidently unable to do so as any time one of them said something to me I would take off my headphones and say “huh?”. Eventually they tired of this and stopped responding to requests for clarification, rightfully forcing to me to actually listen to what they were saying. A few minutes later they asked me to fix something on their friend’s laptop. I do remember doing something on it with the one sitting next to me watching the screen, but I don’t remember anything past that.

Once again, I have completely forgotten the second.

In the third, I was in secondary school again. There was roughly a class worth of people plus a teacher; we were on a camping trip around Christmastime that never actually happened. I remember starting from the end of an expedition and setting down on the campsite in the evening. It had been snowing all day and there was a moderate layer of snow on the grass. It’s the night I remember the most brilliantly. We stayed up late to stargaze and even later to watch an aurora. It was snowing the whole time; I wanted to preserve this night as best I could so I took out my phone and took some photos. The campsite overlooked the surrounding area for miles. I took a photo of a large Christmas tree over in the city glowing bright white, of the pink and purple aurora in the sky, of the constellations, of the distant city’s skyline. I don’t remember taking any of my then friends though…I still did talk with them that night and the day after. We actually stayed up until just before sunrise – we barely got sleep, but it was still enough. The snow had thinned slightly in the morning but nowhere near enough to call “melted”. I took some photos leaving the campsite too.


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