Audio – Restart

Sorry there wasn’t a day 3. I got my laptop back yesterday and spent the whole day getting everything up to date, not to mention that I was all-round exhausted anyway. I didn’t like what I wrote for day 2 at all so I’m happy to post something newer.

Getting into the groove, finally! That was… a bit better? I felt a bit more free for that. I wasn’t pausing every few seconds and Magus, Ko and Pyre are characters I’d definitely like to expand on. I didn’t go into a lot of detail on their character so I’d like the chance to do so sometime. The whole thing’s based on them working for an institute that “resets” specific areas, or reverts them to an earlier state to let it develop differently with a few slight nudges in the right direction. The area is always dimensionally isolated beforehand so that nothing comes in, ensuring it all goes smoothly. Note that this all includes things like political and economic development, so it’s something that’s EXTREMELY difficult to do, and a different political climate is pretty much guaranteed, so usually it’s less inhabited places that get reset by the less experienced. It’s done for the purpose of a “perfect world”, it’s told.

Of course, this involves timeline changes no matter how small, and of course people would object to this. In most situations people are preserved, but not always. Thus opposition. That would be the Delvers (named so because they “delve” through timelines. It’s not their actual name, just the nickname given to them by members of the institute. It caught on.) They’re the only group of people that actually know enough about it all to even understand how to attempt to fight against it. Some say they’re justified, some say they’re in too deep. Who knows? Is “a perfect world” really the goal? Are the Delvers hiding something? I don’t know either, because this is only a tiny part of a story I would have to finish. (I could probably fill in details if anybody asked, though. Ko is Magus’ former student here, and Pyre appears to be a supervisor, though still ranks lower than Magus. Take note that while Ko is not inexperienced, she is just not ready for populated areas and thus is still under Magus’ wing even after training formally ended.)


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