Story A Day, Day 5 – Betrayal

Cropped header image by Mikko J. Putkonen under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported.

The first part of the plan was simple; get into the construction site, put Devon out of action by any means possible, and get out of there as quickly as possible. We’d been told that we’d be given further instructions after completing part one; Chris’ girlfriend made up the other half of the operation, though had no support. It didn’t seem like much considering the fact that we were trying to take down a massive money-laundering operation, but it was our best shot.

We were already at a disadvantage, given that the night before he’d sent someone to put up an illegal fireworks display at the site, drawing unnecessary attention from the authorities. No doubt they’d be prowling the area looking for the man he’d sent. We could see him from the east-facing window of this fourth-floor flat. He was looking straight at us the whole time he set up the fireworks, not even breaking focus when lighting each one. I couldn’t see it with my own eyes, but I knew he was smirking.

I took one last glance at Chris before we turned the corner to the back gates of the construction site. He was staring ahead, but not at the site or even the objective. He seemed to be staring through them, into space. For a brief moment I considered pulling him back and asking him if he wanted to abort the operation, but we’d come this far already. I was ready and he had better be ready if he wanted to get this done. We’d been told there would be light patrols in the open areas of the site, but I didn’t think that was what had him worried.

We looked backwards and forwards, and climbed over the gates. Going back was still possible, but it felt as if there were some unseen force holding us in here. I looked around the first corner. One police officer, walking out of view already. Not too difficult to slip past.

We turned another corner right ahead, and arrived at a junction. There were two options: left and right. I looked right; police officer heading our way, walking alarmingly quickly. I shifted to the other wall and looked left; nothing. Chris suddenly reached into his pocket and took out his phone – a phone call from who I assumed was his girlfriend. Against common sense, he answered it. She sounded frantic. I could hear her from where I was standing.

“I’m surrounded! There’s at least five of them and I can barely handle one! You have to get over here and help me! I have no combat experience at all! Please!”

I motioned for Chris to move left, but he refused. He shook his head, turned back, and started running. He was panicking already, and I almost shouted at him to get back. Silently breaking into a run, I tried to grab his shoulder to hold him back but it was done. He’d turned the corner and had turned back. I caught a brief glimpse of two officers heading this way. We had better chances against one officer than two.

It was just a shame that two was probably our best chance now; there were five on either side of the junction, all in formation, all blocking each path. We headed back again to see ten behind us; it was now that we realised this was a trap all along.They had us surrounded in second, armed with both tasers and guns. I considered trying to force my way through them, but thought better. I seemed to be full of just as many stupid ideas as Chris. He had the same thought, judging by the look on his face.

They knew we were here before they’d seen us. We’d worked around the security cameras. We’d done everything to keep her out of combat, and she should have been untouchable and untraceable, and I was more sure of it than ever before: Chris’ girlfriend was working for Devon.


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