Audio – The Way Home

Again, sorry for the inactivity. I did say I’d be gone a while but I’m still busy and I didn’t expect to be this busy. I’ve had a few interesting dreams but I haven’t had time to write them down and so have forgotten them all. Oops. I was on holiday two weeks ago in the USA and it’s really taken it out of me, though I did experience snow there! Funny enough, the same snowfall that followed me home, but did not settle at all. As usual. It’s cold here anyway though, and it’s not very pleasant.

I’m glad to have a dream about coming home at my own pace. All the dreams about coming home before this involve me being in a big rush to get home, stuff like almost missing the train and going the wrong way. My current kind-of nightmare is coming home from holiday or going to the airport and forgetting absolutely everything including my luggage and passport, so this dream was a welcome break from that. The feeling of coming home after what even just feels like a long time is always the best, even in dreams.


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