To be Alive

Cropped header image by Grim23 under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported.

Last night, I dreamt I went for a night out with some people I knew. It might not sound like much at all, especially considering how common it can sometimes be, but the dream sticks with me and it reminded me of some of the best times I’ve had, so I will write it down.

I’m not sure if the nightclub was a single venue, remembering it; the interior was multilevelled, fairly large and circular. On the bottom was the bar plus all the booths, and around the edges were stairs creeping up the sides, where the next floor up was a transparent glass floor about 10 metres above the previous floor. There was a stage on the other side of the floor to where the stairs on either side met, and there was a Korean girl group performing live to an electric light show of refracted lights through the glass floor, pink and purple stage lights pointing in all directions and an audience half dancing, half socialising on the second dancefloor.

I was with everyone for a little bit, talking and dancing a little bit before I decided to leave briefly. I planned to come back, but I just wanted to go explore somewhere else and be in some place that had proper lighting again. The nightclub was just one part of a large building; there were many small series of stairs and small sub-floors around the area. There were seating areas, areas that were probably art galleries on any other day, and arcades. I don’t remember heading out but I remember coming back; I’d left my coat somewhere but didn’t remember where – but in this dream, I had a way to retrieve my coat if I ever lost it, which was that I’d input the wrong PIN number on my mobile phone’s lock screen twice in a row, but only off by one number, and my coat would appear. I picked up my coat but spent a minute unsure of whether to leave it at the coat check and spend money and wait ages at the end of the night to get it back, or carry it around awkwardly to avoid having to spend money.

There was a brief skip forward, though I wasn’t wearing or carrying my coat, which meant I’d likely put it in coat check. The same girl group was performing and had moved onto one of their more popular songs. One of the people I was with loved this group and urged us all to get up and dance. We put down our drinks and though we weren’t consciously knowing how we were doing it, we all danced and danced as the music hit its peak and it felt like the glass floor would shatter, and I remembered what it felt like to be alive surrounded by all the best people in my life, that I still had something worth staying positive for.

We danced until the end of the dream. It’s nice to even be reminded of what it feels like.



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