Will ‘o the Wisp

Header image by Stan Dalone and Miran Rijavec under Creative Commons 2.0.

Last night I dreamt I was a student at some sort of school, training people to seek out mythical creatures of all kinds; I’d specialised in ghosts and ghost-like beings, and I was given a month to bring back one such being. Most people formed into groups or partnered up with other people; I partnered up with a classmate. We agreed that we wouldn’t look for anything in particular, just that we’d try and bring back whatever we saw.

The next part of the dream felt more like a supercut than any coherent sequence of events, but I remember travelling the world, and being in countless situations completely unrelated to the ghost hunt. I remember walking through someone’s office in a commercial international train travelling through the Alps (it’s worth noting that this was a full-sized office and not anything scaled down to a train; the train was roughly 2-3 times as wide as a standard passenger train), I remember walking through the streets of Delhi, I remember going on a road trip across the United States…there were many, many countries we travelled, and I wish I could remember them better.

Ironically, we finally found something in a park in my own hometown; I remember it was raining moderately, and that it was around 4pm.  We’d seen nobody on the streets, car or pedestrian. It felt like the town itself had cleared the roads just for us to lend a helping hand in our search The sky was a solid dark grey, almost like it would start pressing down further at any moment.

Strangely, it didn’t feel gloomy to us at all. It felt…refreshing. After everything we’d been through, after experiencing seemingly every extreme weather condition common to humanity, it was just…raining in the park, in my hometown.

We found a spirit that appeared as a simple orb of light, almost like a will ‘o the wisp.

The spirit seemed curious at first, moving towards me; it inspected me and got close enough to my face that I stepped back. It looked down for a few seconds at the rainproof cloak I was wearing. Not knowing what to do, I briefly opened my arms to show it the coat I was wearing underneath the cloak. It seemed content with this. and moved towards my travelling partner. She smiled and said a few things about the end of our journey – nothing I remember exactly, but she seemed content with our find, if not also somewhat exhausted.

The last I remember is the feeling of tired joy of the end of a journey, in the rain with a spirit and my travelling partner.


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