Summertime Blues

Cropped header image by Cgoodwin under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported.

Last night I dreamt my family ran a mansion in the middle of the countryside near a verdant canyon; we had somewhat of a reputation for hosting a yearly summer ball. We’d just finished updating the computer systems some time late in the afternoon, and I started the dream in the computer suite finalising the updates with some of the mansion’s other technicians. The update went smoothly, and with no problems, and I left the computer suite to take a rest.

Later on, I worked on a new floor plan for the summertime ball with the rest of my family; we were going to move the rooms around the house to find the best arrangement for the ball, as well as the best places for all the rooms during the ball. It also went smoothly; I was able to move between the newly arranged rooms with no problem.

The next thing I remember was the longest part of the dream; I was stargazing all night on a ledge overlooking the canyon with a whole host of people, including members of my family, some of the mansion’s summer ball regulars, some travellers who just happened to see us and stopped by, some of the stable workers and even some of their animals. I looked to my right and I saw them all sitting or lying comfortably, looking across the canyon and for a moment, I felt entirely tranquil. Occasionally a wagon or a car would travel through the canyon, and the driver would wave up at us, and we’d wave back and maybe talk with them very loudly. We saw another van down on the road pulling a large trailer cart with two bears and two horses sitting inside, all of which seemed to be leaving each other alone and actually seeming somewhat relaxed.

We decided to bring out the region-wide hologram system again to take a look at some of the things that had happened on old recorded security footage. We saw someone running through a cornfield at full speed, though that’s the only lighthearted recording I remember. The next was the recording of a forest fire that had damaged the forest a very, very long time ago. We saw a figure standing just outside of the fire, yet not trying to escape. It was a figure we hadn’t noticed on the day of the fire. Nobody really had anything to say on it, so we finished viewing the holograms and I went back to the mansion to retrieve something.

I don’t remember what I went back to retrieve, but when I came back to the plateau I noticed two moons in the sky, and that one was red and one was purple. I don’t know why, but I was unable to focus my eyes properly on them. They seemed blurry, and all I knew was that one was red and one was purple.

I pointed this out to the people on the plateau. They told me that neither moon was any sort of colour; I looked up and could now barely see anything – both moons were faint and white. They didn’t seem to see two moons as strange either. They told me that there were three moons, but only showed two in the night sky, and that the names of the two in the sky were Luna and Celeste.

The day afterwards, the mansion held a small social for people to meet before the summertime ball. It was a casual affair, with light refreshments and snacks. The convention of the summer ball was that there was no limit to the number of people you could ask to the ball, so there were often many, many connections made. I remember asking two people to the ball who both accepted, one of which told me they had asked 5 people and got a “yes”.

That’s the last of the dream I remember.


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