About: General

Hi there! This is a blog of mine that started as something dedicated to writing down my dreams, and is now also my writing blog. I’ll mainly write dreamlogs but I sometimes just write things and post them too. Sometimes I’ll post about conventions I go to and the like, too. I just like writing. It’s calming.

There’s all kinds of dreamlogs, so it’s worth a look!

My favourite dreamlogs would probably have to be Willow Trees in the Fog, Transparent FlightThe Witch’s GuidanceThe Abyss and The Fall.

About: This blog

I decided to start keeping a dreamlog on an old blog; not only are the dreams themselves interesting but so is writing them down, so I made a new one here. My dreams may or may not mean anything; I just find them really interesting – where most people get inspiration for things from other artists, I get a lot of mine from my own dreams. I’ve also noticed that the less I remember of a dream, the more I will dedicate time to remembering details rather than padding out existing details to make them seem nicer or better worded.

I like to experiment a lot with my writing, such as use of first-person or difference in general writing style (for example, one dreamlog could be close to plain description while the second could be more elegantly written.) I’m not able to tell very well how I write, but I hope each of my blog entries are different.

Usually I post “audio” posts after I write something. It could be interpreted as me trying to set a tone for the writing, though that’s not why I post them; it’s more my own take on the writing. I think it is, anyway.

 About: Me

As for me, I live in England. If I’m not working then I do whatever I feel like doing; listening to music, sewing, baking and more obviously, writing (when I feel like it and when I’m able to, that is).

I’m often very busy with life, though, so I can’t be active all the time. But I like it here, so I try to be as active as I can. (This includes the long gaps in between posts. Sometimes I just don’t have anything to write about, or I just can’t remember any of my dreams.)

About: My dreams

I’ll list the dream phenomena I’ve experienced in my dreams here. Or general dream things, stuff I’ve noticed appears or happens a lot.

I) Lucid dreaming

This has been happening to me more often these past few years; I am aware I am dreaming in a fair number of my dreams although nothing really seems to change except the dream tends to make more sense. I tend not to try to take control of these situations (the dream often still will bend me to its own will instead.)

II) Sleep paralysis

This has not happened to me in a long time. Occasionally I would wake up and find myself in a state between reality and dreams. Here I would see the real world while still dreaming while unable to move and being completely aware of it (often terrified or at least unnerved) or hallucinating something while viewing the real world.

III) Dream within a dream

This happens very often; I will supposedly wake up in my own bed and go about my daily business such as watching BBC News, going out for a walk, having lunch and talking to a few people, only to find it’s all a dream. I will think I’m awake until I really do wake up. Rather annoyed that my brain deceived me like that. In supposed “waking states” inside states I will often find or buy things I’ve wanted for a long time, usually an extremely rare CD I wish I had. This serves to annoy me a great deal when I wake up and I will sometimes even resume my search for the items I thought I had. One particularly frustrating example is Storm Clouds.

IV) Nightmare state triggers

Doing certain things inside dreams will cause the dream to turn into a nightmare. However, this no longer happens a lot since even inside dreams I recognise nightmare triggers. These are normally: Entering very dark places,  trying to go to sleep inside the dream, entering silent places with no people in sight, entering enclosed spaces and flying too high above the sky (which no longer happens as I stopped flying in dreams a very long time ago.) Because of this awareness, sometimes even when I trigger a nightmare trigger the following dream will not be particularly unnerving. So instead, my dreams have resorted to sending absolutely terrifying, inescapable beings after me in order to scare me while still keeping the atmosphere of a dream. That doesn’t happen much either. I cannot remember the last nightmare I had, though; I am able to identify these nightmare state triggers even while dreaming. An example is the forest in Festival in the Field of Nowhere and the first part of Endless City.

V) Recurring locations

Some locations will, of course, reappear in dreams. This has been happening increasingly often lately but with locations I first discovered not so long ago in my dreams. It will sometimes modify locations I’ve seen in real life and put me there.

VI) Light dreaming

This is very rare and has only happened to me a few times. These dreams are very short and end with me jerking awake, usually after somebody in the dream has thrown something at my face. I generally do not like it when this happens, which is a standard reaction.

VII) Dual perspective

I will be experiencing the dream from two perspectives at the same time. Works of fiction in my dream will often take on this; for example, if I play a videogame in my dream, I will be experiencing the dream as both the player and the player character or if I’m reading a book, I will be both doing something and reading about it. I have no idea how dual perspective is even possible, but it happens. Sometimes I have a “main” perspective, but I will not notice when it shifts to the other perspective. This happened in Ascent, of the ones I can name off the top of my head.

VIII) Impossible logic

Sometimes I will use logic that is quite literally impossible. For example, I once remember being in a normal-sized car, yet there was a way for the chairs to fold into two more chairs facing each other with a fair amount of leg room between them. In 3D space, this is in no way possible. I’m not sure what logic exactly I use in dreams, be it proficiency in higher dimensions of space or wizardry of some sort, but it doesn’t work in reality.

Some themes have been recurring since I was a child. Some have only appeared in the last few years. These themes pay no attention as to what happens in my life. In this page, “recurring” is considered to be themes that have been there for more years than I can remember. The mind is a funny thing.

IX) ‘Story Arcs’

Several dreams are sometimes linked together in a sort of ‘arc’; these dreams will reference or continue from previous dreams. Sometimes these other dreams will be correctly referred to as dreams, others are treated as in-universe. Examples of this are Illumination and Endless City. These arcs only last a few dreams and usually take place over the space of a week, but as shown by the gap of a year between Illumination’s two parts (yet the arc is still unfinished), there are exceptions.

X) Conscious commenting

Sometimes I’ll suddenly start thinking as my conscious self, and start thinking about things in real life, such as thinking “that reminds me, when I wake up I have to go out and buy some milk.” You could say this is just lucid dreaming or a variant, and it could be. But this is a higher degree of lucidity, it seems – Here, I have full control of my thoughts both of the dream and of real life.


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