I did it! I went through the whole 28 days of writing 750 or more words! I would only try to actually write a short story, or at least part of one, when I felt like it. Sometimes I would feel out of it and that’s why I wouldn’t post anything to WordPress, because I wrote a journal-type thing anyway. I said I was going to treat myself to a VAGUEDGE CD. I might do that but I don’t feel compelled to reward myself. Not sure why I couldn’t have just said that to myself. Then again, I still would like to have that CD. But this may be my last post on 750 Words.

I finished 750 Words!


750 Words Day 27 Thoughts + Audio

Demetori – 平安のエイリアン ~ Crazy Xenomorph

Decided to switch it up and write in first person again. That was actually pretty fun. That seemed like a slightly different style than the one I’m used to. I did start and finish The Death Cure by James Dashner today though, so maybe it has something to do with that. (I was not happy with how the ending went. I guessed that would happen from the start, but I was still unprepared and now I’m still kinda sad.) Of course, my writing obviously does need some improvement. Aside from characterisation, I’m going to have to pinpoint the areas that need improvement.

750 Words Day 27

I wasn’t sure where I was at the time. Confused and slightly hungry, I continued walking, the bag feeling heavier on my back. I was told I would find something out in this wilderness. This place scared me. I walked on flat grass plains, but this wasn’t the strange part; above me was a stone ceiling going on for as far as the grass went, with only occasional holes in the ceiling through which sunlight struck the ground, or at least my ground. The grass I could see, anyway; a fog encircled the area centred on me. It was all the same inside and outside my field of vision. I could hear faint, undefined noises beneath my feet, clearly echoing. It sounded like there was an ocean beneath the grass. Continue reading

Uhm. I’m not sure how to feel about what I wrote. My mind was kind of drifting when I wrote that and it has been drifting off the topic for days now. For some reason, the music I was listening to seemed to be more distracting than helping and I’m not sure why. That hasn’t happened for a long time. I kinda got distracted while writing this too. Hah, sorry. But as I’ve always said, characters were always by far my weakest point. I pretty much ground to a halt when I got round to the dialogue and that’s when my focus started going haywire.

750 Words Day 25 Thoughts

750 Words Day 25

Both had awoken to a clear morning, mentally and physically. No longer questioning how  people could talk through dreams, only accepting it even with different ways of life. Lindsay got up, feeling rested even after going to sleep in the early hours of the morning. She felt as it she’d earned it, anyway. It was a Friday night after all (more accurately, a Saturday morning.) Spirits lifted, she made her way into the kitchen where her mother and father were slowly preparing breakfast for them, Lindsay, and her little brother. A radio chattered away in the distance. Continue reading

750 Words Day 21 / High Above the Forest

I seem to be critical of dreams that simply consist of “days out”, but as I’ve also made clear, some of them are as good as any other dreams. I remember one that took place over the course of one sunny day, playing out exactly as it would in real life. I remember I took a train to the heart of an unnamed city in the morning with some family and friends. The sun was already fully out and there was a few people on the train; not quiet  but not busy either. Instead of walking out to see the buildings twisted, multicoloured and crumbling I walked out into a street. It was a street and nothing more. Continue reading

The Tower Audio + Thoughts

Between the Buried and Me – Fossil Genera – A Feed from Cloud Mountain

Yes, it’s more Between the Buried and Me. They’re probably my current favourite band along with Rosetta.I think this one probably fits because it goes from a somewhat detached feeling of being controlled to a feeling of liberation. (Let’s ignore the fact that the Night Owls weren’t much better than the previous government.) And plus, I love this song even if it’s 12 minutes. No. Especially if it’s 12 minutes.

Wow. That was actually the longest thing I’ve written so far. It was great fun to write though. It was a pretty great dream too. My mind seems to really love using train/tube stations as ways to transport me to stranger places. Tried and tested transition, I suppose. It happened in Illumination as well. There wasn’t much in the way of people, though. Hmm. I still don’t know what the whole protests thing was, though, even if that sort of xenophobia happens in real life too. I don’t know who built the machine though. Hmm. Also, 750 Words told me the overall mood of what I’d written was “upset”. UHHHM.