At the End of Dreams

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My memories of the first part of last night’s dream is pretty scattered – I was on my own for that part.

The part I remember started after some wandering around in London. I entered a Victorian bar, stood amongst a circle of around 50 people gathered around a single booth. In the centre was  a man in a dapper black suit with an open jacket and a smooth white shirt and a top hat. To his side was a woman of around 60 years old in a plain purple sweater and black leggings. She had short dirty blonde hair, and a knowing look adorned her face – she knew the secrets of everything this man was telling us. They told us that we could dream together, and that a new world was upon us. Continue reading


The Silent Arcade

I had several dreams last night, going slowly from benign to unnerving – unnerving enough to wake me up at half past four in the morning, at least, and so I sit here at half five in the morning, writing away the stress.

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Every Once in A Blood Moon

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My dream opened early in the afternoon, under a blue almost cloud-free skies, somewhere in a state in central USA. I ambled down a semi-rural trail with a friend, listless, unsure of what to do or where to go.

Naturally, I asked my friend if she had any ideas; like me, she had none in particular, but suggested heading over to a small comics convention 10 to 15 minutes away by car via gravel trail. Happily, I obliged, unsure of what to expect, but nonetheless excited to attend something I knew nothing about, even if my friend was just as unsure. She told me that there would be a blood moon later on in the day, that the convention was only ever held on nights of blood moons – I didn’t think much of it at the time, something that didn’t really change much.

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My first memory in this dream begins as a failing police officer in the state of Colorado in the USA; I had failed a weapons proficiency test, I’d left countless errands piling up, and my boss had reminded me multiple times that head office were unhappy with the tasks I’d left undone.

Looking for an easy way out, I tried retaking the proficiency test first.

I failed again, and blamed my “old” equipment. My boss told me my equipment was new, and recently obtained just for this this test. Dejected, I decided to run some of the errands I’d meant to catch up on, but all my coworkers were gone.

I took to the streets of Colorado to clear my head, and my memory as a nameless officer ends now, at least for that particular scene. Continue reading

Miscellaneous Dreams III

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Last night I dreamt I was with an old friend; the same one from Song of Storms, if I remember correctly.

I only remember fragments; I remember evenings of several days in which I walked home with him. The route itself had been fabricated within the dream; the most memorable piece of this route, or at least one route, was a sudden shift from an urban pathway to a glade in the middle of a shallow, loosely defined forest, a glade we’d known for our given lifetimes. The sky was a gradient ranging from orange to purple, and the stars started to show, and all we could hear was the ankle-height grass blowing in the wind. Continue reading

Where Wolves Rise

Header image by Travelinho under Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution-Share Alike Unported.

A few nights ago I dreamt I could stop time. It was something I could only keep up consciously and with effort, but eventually I learned to do it while doing other things at the same time. I discovered it on a beach holiday with my family, and I’d use it to do things like cross the street without having to wait for a car to go by, or eat an ice cream without it melting and getting all over my clothes. The place I was on holiday in was populated by a lot of stray dogs and cats, though I started seeing slightly larger, wolf-like animals the more I stopped time. Continue reading

Port Town

Last night, I dreamt I could fly again, even if it felt more like a limitless jump than flying.

With a running jump, I exited the atmosphere, and saw the stars, the sun, the universe; most interesting was a giant planet right behind the earth, unseen from my home country, orbiting the earth around the sun in a new binary system. The planet was ten times larger than Earth, though there were very few lights on the continents of the new planet, mostly around the coast. I felt my feet touch down on the planet’s atmosphere, and…it was solid, almost like perfectly transparent glass. I slid right off the atmosphere of the planet, right back down into the earth’s atmosphere.  Continue reading