I’m imagining that music not to the dream itself, but maybe to a vlog-style video I’d make about the experience. (I don’t make vlogs, but it fits, right?)

(Also, wow, I’ve been so busy that I forgot I missed this blog’s 3-year anniversary. It’s unbelievable…3 years I’ve been running this? Though usually all it means is that I start disliking more and more of my old work as the definition of “old” work changes…I guess I don’t have a lot of time to relax and write any more)

So, yeah, it’s been an almost solid month of dreams about a festival I went to for a few days. I always have con dreams for a week or two after a convention but I’ve never had recurring dreams this frequently, nor for this long. Usually the ones I do have are scattered apart. Who knew even dreams about good things could be exhausting?

I’m out of money after the festival, though…spent around ¬£1500 for the whole thing, and the dollar-pound exchange rate is somehow still awful right now, not to mention that for some reason, there I didn’t find a single place in DC, Maryland or Virginia¬†that wasn’t more than happy to rip me off for prices that would warrant refusing to buy anything and walking out anywhere else ($6 for toothpaste and $3.50 for a bottle of water? Seriously?)

And sorry if I don’t post much. To post I have to A) actually have a dream worth writing down and B) enough time in the day to write it down and C) a time in the day to write it that’s early enough that I don’t forget to write it down. But this blog is nowhere near dead, so don’t worry!



Cropped header image is my own photo. (It’s just a phone camera snap from last year, nothing professional.)

I’ve been exhausted as ever lately. I’m busy as I said, but my workload hasn’t let up like I thought it would, and at this point, even typing with perfect grammar and capitalisation is taking a little bit of energy. At the start of last month, I went to a music and gaming festival in the USA, flying from England. I had no rest at all after flying home, of course, but enough about exhaustion.

Ever since then, nearly every single dream I’ve had has been about that festival, and I can count on one hand the dreams I’ve had that haven’t been about, and even then, those all came after a literal one month solid block of nothing but dreams about it and the various aspects of everything about the trip. Continue reading

Audio – The Way Home

Again, sorry for the inactivity. I did say I’d be gone a while but I’m still busy and I didn’t expect to be this busy. I’ve had a few interesting dreams but I haven’t had time to write them down and so have forgotten them all. Oops. I was on holiday two weeks ago in the USA and it’s really taken it out of me, though I did experience snow there! Funny enough, the same snowfall that followed me home, but did not settle at all. As usual. It’s cold here anyway though, and it’s not very pleasant.

I’m glad to have a dream about coming home at my own pace. All the dreams about coming home before this involve me being in a big rush to get home, stuff like almost missing the train and going the wrong way. My current kind-of nightmare is coming home from holiday or going to the airport and forgetting absolutely everything including my luggage and passport, so this dream was a welcome break from that. The feeling of coming home after what even just feels like a long time is always the best, even in dreams.

Sorry for the inactivity! I’ve been really busy as usual recently, but I’ve started taking on Christmas shopping for family and friends early this year, in addition to birthday shopping for one or two people. I’ve also got a good few events lined up in the coming months and I’m spending almost all day every day preparing for those, so sorry for the inactivity! I just haven’t found the time to keep dreams in memory, or even write anything at all, and I’m afraid I might be inactive for the next few months as well. I haven’t been spending too much time at home either, so I don’t get as much time on the laptop…hopefully I can still post the occasional dreamlog every now and again though!

Sorry for the inactivity!


I don’t think I’m able to continue Story A Day. I’m having a lot of trouble fitting it into the day, especially considering that I’m usually not free to write anything until 5pm, 6pm. It’s become somewhat of a burden to me and while I could force myself to write every day, that’s unnecessary stress, not to mention that the lower quality wouldn’t really help my writing much either (no matter how much improvement my writing may need). People often say to write every day even if it becomes painful, but writing is not my main area of expertise, and I can’t really afford to take on any more fatigue seeing how tired I already am. I’m not yet ready to suffer for my writing. You might think of me as not being committed, and maybe that’s so (I feel terrible for not seeing this through to the end). I’m more than willing to endure pain for some things. But I’m not willing to do that at this point in time.

To sum up: I’m simply too fatigued and too busy to continue Story A Day. Sorry for that.

Story A Day!!

I thought I’d make some sort of announcement about it.

I’m hoping to do Story A Day starting tomorrow and all through September. It’s probably going to be tougher than May as my laptop’s still in for repairs (it’s been in for a month already. I don’t have high hopes I’ll get it any time soon even if I was given 4-6 weeks. There’s always some complication that arises) and so I might not be in such a hurry as I was last May to write a story. That and I’ve been spending a lot of time out of the house recently, and I don’t foresee the weather getting any worse over here.

But, regardless…! I hope to get as close as I can to a story every single day. I know I won’t write one literally every single day, something always happens, but I look forward to this as always.

(Considering changing the blog URL and maybe making some other things look better. But what to do?)

So, it’s happening, I guess…! I don’t remember why I didn’t do it last May but never mind that.

Audio – Miscellaneous Dreams II

Artwork by Ken Sugimori and Yusuke Ohmura

(I’m not so good at picking audio any more. As time goes on, it will only get more difficult. But I’ll find new music in that time, won’t I?)
Sorry for using the same header image for the third time in a row (EDIT: replaced it with another image). I just don’t know what else to put for a dream that features that much snow. (And on a lesser scale, for having only snow/convention dreams recently. I’m not sure if I even can apologise for that but it could be my fault for the evident memory bias here? Who knows.)

So here I am on the other side of winter, having recurring dreams of Christmas in the summer. I’m not sure why I’m dreaming of snow so frequently. Maybe I just want to be younger, when back then I was forming memories worth keeping. I read a book on that topic before I went to bed, of cherishing them. Stuck with me quite a bit, it seems. I did also watch a repeat of a Christmas episode of QI XL, so maybe that’s it. No matter what time of year it is, Christmas QI episodes always make me feel better.

I like to think that the camping dream is based on the failed plans for my class to go to Iceland when I was in school; there wasn’t enough interest shown so the school didn’t have the money to make the trip happen and so the whole thing fell through. If I remember correctly, my mother said no when I asked for permission anyway and I remember being very irritated about not being able to go. Maybe everyone else’s parents said no as well? The year below me had the same trip planned for them and I don’t remember if they went or not. I’m glad I don’t remember as they probably did get to go. (I hope they didn’t get to go. They got so much more attention from the school than my year. That’s right, I’m still bitter even now about not going.)