I don’t think I’m able to continue Story A Day. I’m having a lot of trouble fitting it into the day, especially considering that I’m usually not free to write anything until 5pm, 6pm. It’s become somewhat of a burden to me and while I could force myself to write every day, that’s unnecessary stress, not to mention that the lower quality wouldn’t really help my writing much either (no matter how much improvement my writing may need). People often say to write every day even if it becomes painful, but writing is not my main area of expertise, and I can’t really afford to take on any more fatigue seeing how tired I already am. I’m not yet ready to suffer for my writing. You might think of me as not being committed, and maybe that’s so (I feel terrible for not seeing this through to the end). I’m more than willing to endure pain for some things. But I’m not willing to do that at this point in time.

To sum up: I’m simply too fatigued and too busy to continue Story A Day. Sorry for that.


Story A Day, Day 6 – Counter Matrix

Header image by Kimmo Palosaari.

The wall of sound almost knocks you back as you enter from the coatroom; an assault on as many senses as possible, a no holds barred light show, an adrenaline-fuelled train with no brakes, a relentless beat that shatters the earth, an atmosphere that smells of everything and nothing. You take a millisecond to adjust your senses to this place and take everything; in this millisecond, every single person you look at is in motion, ranging from gesturing to elaborate styles of dance.

The ceiling is several storeys above your head. There is one floor up some stairs ahead to the side, just as populated. The club space is vast – you can barely see the bar at the far side through the sea of people between you and the wall. Dotted around there are circles of people watching dance-offs in the centre. It feels like it will never end, that it will survive the end of the world.

It begins to feel wrong. Like it shouldn’t last forever, as if everybody should be sitting down, having the last drink of the night, or moving on to the next place, yet nobody is showing any signs of fatigue. You know for a fact that this has been going nonstop since you walked past 8 hours ago. Continue reading

Audio – Restart

Sorry there wasn’t a day 3. I got my laptop back yesterday and spent the whole day getting everything up to date, not to mention that I was all-round exhausted anyway. I didn’t like what I wrote for day 2 at all so I’m happy to post something newer.

Getting into the groove, finally! That was… a bit better? I felt a bit more free for that. I wasn’t pausing every few seconds and Magus, Ko and Pyre are characters I’d definitely like to expand on. I didn’t go into a lot of detail on their character so I’d like the chance to do so sometime. The whole thing’s based on them working for an institute that “resets” specific areas, or reverts them to an earlier state to let it develop differently with a few slight nudges in the right direction. The area is always dimensionally isolated beforehand so that nothing comes in, ensuring it all goes smoothly. Note that this all includes things like political and economic development, so it’s something that’s EXTREMELY difficult to do, and a different political climate is pretty much guaranteed, so usually it’s less inhabited places that get reset by the less experienced. It’s done for the purpose of a “perfect world”, it’s told.

Of course, this involves timeline changes no matter how small, and of course people would object to this. In most situations people are preserved, but not always. Thus opposition. That would be the Delvers (named so because they “delve” through timelines. It’s not their actual name, just the nickname given to them by members of the institute. It caught on.) They’re the only group of people that actually know enough about it all to even understand how to attempt to fight against it. Some say they’re justified, some say they’re in too deep. Who knows? Is “a perfect world” really the goal? Are the Delvers hiding something? I don’t know either, because this is only a tiny part of a story I would have to finish. (I could probably fill in details if anybody asked, though. Ko is Magus’ former student here, and Pyre appears to be a supervisor, though still ranks lower than Magus. Take note that while Ko is not inexperienced, she is just not ready for populated areas and thus is still under Magus’ wing even after training formally ended.)

Story A Day, Day 4 – Restart

Cropped header image by Aronkloth under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported.

“It was a beautiful area. It’s a shame we have to reset it.”

The three of them sat around the banks overlooking a lake, green grass below, forest all around, and blue sky above; they appeared as two young ordinary-looking women and a young ordinary-looking man, all dressed in plain clothes.

One of the women spoke, in response to one of the other women sitting opposite her. “You don’t have to be so dramatic about it, Magus. There’s a good chance we’ll get another lake here anyway. And it’s not like there’ll be better in the next restart of this area, right?”

A groan came from the other two of them, and one put his hands to his face and fell backwards onto his back.

“That’s what you said about what used to be the Fiji Islands!” he said from behind his hands, still lying down in mock exasperation. Continue reading

Story A Day, Day 2 – The Passage of Time

Cropped header image by Richard Webb under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic.

It was deep summer, August 1983. I was in my twenties then; the most important years of my life had gone by, but I wasn’t done just yet.

I didn’t know what I wanted back then. Without work, education or anyone to hold me back I was free to go wherever I wanted. I’d walk through the forest for miles, I’d follow a river until I got bored, I’d keep heading forward until it got dark.  Continue reading

Story A Day, Day 1 – The Tree at the End of the World

Cropped header image by Liese Coulter, CSIRO under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported.

Beneath a lone apple tree at the edge of a cliff knelt an ordinary-looking man, with ordinary windswept brown hair and ordinary attire, taking care of the flowers in its shade, appearing almost motionless to any distant onlooker.

“They won’t believe in you forever.”

He stood up and turned to face the speaker; a woman dressed in flowing white clothes and long red hair. Unfazed, he stared back with no change in expression, standing his ground.

“I did what I had to do to save them. You can look like a deity all you want, but I’m the one down here helping my people.” He said calmly, his relaxed facial expression still holding.

Continue reading

Story A Day!!

I thought I’d make some sort of announcement about it.

I’m hoping to do Story A Day starting tomorrow and all through September. It’s probably going to be tougher than May as my laptop’s still in for repairs (it’s been in for a month already. I don’t have high hopes I’ll get it any time soon even if I was given 4-6 weeks. There’s always some complication that arises) and so I might not be in such a hurry as I was last May to write a story. That and I’ve been spending a lot of time out of the house recently, and I don’t foresee the weather getting any worse over here.

But, regardless…! I hope to get as close as I can to a story every single day. I know I won’t write one literally every single day, something always happens, but I look forward to this as always.

(Considering changing the blog URL and maybe making some other things look better. But what to do?)

So, it’s happening, I guess…! I don’t remember why I didn’t do it last May but never mind that.