A list of just the dreams from oldest to newest with a short summary, to make looking for them easier. If it has an accompanying audio post it’ll be in the form of a link on a music note symbol.

2014 (36)

Illumination – Comic Market (Comiket) and the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony take place on the same night at the same place, making for a spectacular night of fireworks, stalls and crowds in London.

Deep Sleep in Deep Sea  – I visit a busy port, go to a university-like place and get assigned a subject along with others, and visit a city of my own creation.

Smoke and Mirrors (Staring Back) – I meet someone I believe to be another dreamer.

Desolation – I chat with two people, say farewell to one I was friends with, and witness my hometown in ruins.

Pocket Universe – I go on an expedition with a partner who snaps and runs off. Stranded at the coast I arrived at, I enter a bar and switch dimensions.

The Infinity Outside – Through a busy street I enter a portal to another place with a group of friends. I meet a girl phasing in and out of reality and later meet her mother. I find an infinite field and see faceless ghosts in the only building there.

Overcast  – Years in the future, many different homes later, me and the residents of the island I live on come to accept the end of the world and try to continue life as normal.

Festival in the Field of Nowhere – I take part in a lively festival in a field at night. After it ends, I revisit and explore the area.

Willow Trees in the Fog  – My past self and friends make a trip to a distant place, knowing it will be the last time they’re ever together as a group of friends before they grow up.

Realities Collide  – I visit the Farlands. Confused and exhausted, I find a friend’s house. As night falls, I go home.

Over the Clouds and Under the Sun  – I go to an academy in the sky, explore and interact with new people with one in particular standing out.

Endless City  – I leave the field after the night of the festival and go to a city I’d been to before.

Hidden in Light and Darkness  – I go on another expedition and stumble upon a chapel just after the end of the wedding vows. I enter the chapel to find darkness.

Open Air  – I go to a Slayer concert and eat a cookie. Then direct and star in a 25-minute music video.

Suspicious Circumstances – I’m called in to investigate the deaths of all the children in a nursery.

Uprising/Crackdown – There’s a riot or a civil war, and it seems that the police are against me here. I remember every conflict I see.

Past and Present Coming and Going in Memory  – I go on holiday with everyone who ever went to school with me.

The Dividing Line  – I live atop a high wall overlooking expansive plains. The wall comes under attack.

Projections  – I go to the cinema.

History Preserved  – I go with a tour group to ruins. I enter a gateway to the ruined castle of another world. I visit a traditional Japanese theatre (I don’t know what type.)

Refresh/Rearrange/Reimagine  – The places I know rearrange themselves every dream and I find all kinds of new places. Naturally, I explore.

The Missing Pieces – I visit an island in a sea with much higher water levels in the 29th century. It’s essentially Victorian. I visit the USA and Iran.

Sleepless – The streets are devoid of vehicles. Without rest I complete objectives with countless others with the same goal.

The Tower  – I take a train to a different place entirely. Walking from the underground station, I find an airport. Outside, I see a city and hills in the distance, total darkness everywhere else. I explore the heart of the airport and find strange goings on. At the end, I see the area in daylight. It’s beautiful.

High Above the Forest  – I walk across congested paths above the treetops with my family to a complex at the top of a mountain overlooking the forest. We discuss my future.

The Transformation  – My hometown becomes a lively high street. With another, I investigate what’s happening.

Urban Forest – I’m a different home this time, the garden partially overgrown. I can see another grand house through the fence at the end of the garden, partially boarded up.

Cruelty – As a child at school again, I witness a friend stand up for another.

Ascent  – I travel on a luxury boat that comes under attack. I take part in an event searching for the souls of people in various vessels. I climb to the top of a tower and somebody guides me even further up the mountain the tower is connected to. My alternate self runs into trouble tracing the same route by himself.

Lineage  – After my (in dream) great grandfather dies, the ruling queen of the (also in dream) country tells us to go to the unexplored 3rd and 4th floors of my old, grand family house. What my family finds puts us in danger.

Life of Night – At midnight, a shopping centre/arcade is still bustling. I venture deeper underground into the arcade.

Transparent Flight  – It’s the day everybody begins the new stage of life. Everybody must get to their workplace before midnight by any means possible. I end up taking a long route and seeing a lot. Carts in the sky, gliding through the air on wings, I barely make it.

Broken Spiral – I go to another university-type place. It’s very big and confusing. Things seem normal, but then they get weird.

Perspective  – Life becomes a story. As the protagonist I cause destruction. I think everybody else also plays this role, but I am wrong and everybody comes after me.

Fair of Sea and Sand  – There’s a fair at my hometown, this time a beach with residents who are all into cycling. I explore this with a friend.

The Witch’s Guidance  – A young witch has trouble with their craft and nearly gives up on everything, but is talked out of it by their teacher, who is not who the apprentice thinks they are.

2015 (16)

Ruin  – I explore an overgrown large field and find strange ruins.

Remember Me  – I meet an old internet friend in real life, although he doesn’t recognise me.

A Convention  – I go to a convention with my friends. I have myself a good day.

Storm Clouds  – I fly higher than any plane in a hot air balloon, but this dream takes a turn.

Rush Hour  – I desperately try to make it to a convention in time in the middle of the night.

The Last Day  – I attend the last day of celebrations at a university.

Death, Rebirth and Cleansing  –  A friend announces their death and rebirth.

Options  – Two big days out with friends that don’t exactly go as planned.

The Old Bridge Incident  – A seemingly nonlinear collection of scenes in a day of my life that revolve around a single incident that happens in those 24 hours.

If I Could Relive Those Memories  – I visit a university as an alumni 50 years after it was invaded at the beginning of an unknown war, and I relive early memories of that war as a student turned soldier.

The Abyss  – A cold-hearted and dangerous goddess, her daughter, and a group of travellers venture down a vast city in a ravine, and encounter true cruelty.

1929  – I attend a summer festival, but I’m sidetracked by strange events happening at the festival.

The Fire Fades  – A darkness is sweeping over the world, causing terrible nightmares – I live in this changed world and elsewhere, somebody attempts to investigate the cause.

Mist and Lanterns  – There is no world, but instead a foggy void with floating islands. I live on one such island chained to a larger one. I visit the city on the larger one with a friend for a festival.

End of an Era  – Looking at photos on an old digital camera, I relive the times I was there.

The Flood  – After making an escape from a heavily controlled area, I visit a once-abandoned village being reopened by those who initially left it.

2016 (11)

The End of School Festival  – I attend a fictional end of school festival on my final day of secondary school, and meet some friends.

(Carefree)  – Taking place shortly after The End of School Festival, I set my sights to higher education.

Consequence  – A series of disasters happen in the space of one day, and with the ability to reset the day, I try to correct everything.

Canopy  – In another pseudo-“school reunion dream”, I navigate a strange forest maze, and fall back into introspection despite being surrounded by everybody I ever knew.

Snowfall  – Staying in a quiet town with my family, the weather jumps from sun to snow.

Condemned  – Me and some friends venture into the depths of a multi-layered city.

Yet Another Convention  – Me and some other friends go to a convention abroad.

Snowfall II  – I go to a Christmas festival in a nearby familiar town during snowfall.

Miscellaneous Dreams II  – Some ordinary chat with people in a room, plus a camping trip under stars and snow.

Betrayal  – A kind-of heist on a construction site goes wrong.

The Fall  – I go on an unexplained journey through various terrains with a group of people that’s slowly whittled away over the course of the dream.

2017 (10)

The Way Home  – I finally head home after a long holiday and remember what it’s like to be home after so long.

PERMUTATION  – A collection of dreams influenced by a festival I went to overseas.

To Be Alive  – I feel more alive than I’ve felt in a long time after a big night out.

Beginning of the End  – I save the universe while on holiday, even if I’m unaware of what I do. Three moons herald the end of time.

Empty Set  – I have yet another dream about the festival from PERMUTATION, but this time around I’m aware that it’s just a memory.

Will O’ the Wisp  – With another partner from the academy, I look for a ghost.

Summertime Blues  – As a member of a rich family, our mansion prepares for its famed summertime ball.

Song of Storms  – Me and a friend explore a faraway countryside town.

Port Town  – I find a giant planet on the other side of the earth, and I visit an unfamiliar port town on stilts in Greece.

Where Wolves Rise  – I find a way to stop time, but…something’s wrong.


Miscellaneous Dreams III  – I encounter strange scenes walking home with an old friend.

Colorado  – I experience life in Colorado as three different people, each experience different in its own way – a tourist on holiday, a failing police officer, someone who’s in over her head…