Interesting scenes

Basically, if I ever wanted to do anything more with my dreams, I would focus on these in some way or another. Scenes I thought looked particularly good or were particularly strong in my memory. Each interesting scene will be under the dream it’s from. My favourite things from selected dreams, so to speak.


  • The initial scene on the outside of the stadium, with the doujin circles selling merchandise, people selling glowsticks and a whole crowd of people enjoying the event in their own way. Fireworks were going off in the sky.

Deep Sleep in Deep Sea

  • The complex port full of different types of boats, people walking about; these boats were for things they could never do in real life, or were rare on their own.


  • The ruins of my hometown; holes in the floor leading to unknown destinations, half-destroyed buildings, deities and deity-like beings resting in some of the buildings

Pocket Universe

  • The coast with the building with the bar, seemingly impassable ledge/fence, including streetlights.
  • The bar’s interior, hazy veil of smoke, customers mainly Japanese people with a clothing fashion I don’t know the name of.

The Infinity Outside

  • The initial slightly hilly picnic area with the girl phasing in and out of view. Sunny weather.
  • The infinite grass plains containing the large square building, the stone plaza and the glass stairway and platform. Brilliant orange/purple sunset.


  • The building on the island where I lived, with shipwreck/unfinished hotel in the distance. Light rain, overcast skies, choppy waves.

Festival in the Field of Nowhere

  • The event itself taking place at night, with all the stalls there, multicoloured lights lining the entire area taking place in the grass, even arcade machines put out. People walking around, there was also glow merchandise but less than Illumination.
  • The long grass field in the silent sunset next to the short grass where the event took place, separated by a stone arch. A forest in front, a small hill behind, rock face/mountain behind in distance.

Willow Trees in the Fog

  • The abandoned playground, sunken tarmac, rusted swings and bench. ~50m ahead, the river. Foggy conditions. Poplar trees to right, and in distance to left.
  • The final gathering under the giant willow tree across the swamp river. Now raining lightly, steep hill of poplar trees visible to left.

Realities Collide

  • The house in the Farlands, specifially, the interior. Sunset now.

Over the Clouds and Under the Sun

  • The academy itself, from two views: from the top “floor”, and from the area I had lunch at (walls behind me, covered in vines; there were chairs here anyway.) Clouds below, sunny day above.
  • The library-like area, with the purple-haired girl sitting in the chair at the end, in front of the fireplace (the chair’s back facing it, fireplace not on), large windows on left, small area with bookshelves through wall to my right, corridor leading up to room

Endless City

  • The city itself from where I started, daytime.
  • The shop interior. Lot of sleek black shelves.

Hidden in Light and Darkness

  • The forest clearing where the wedding reception took place, small wedding chapel in centre. Picnic benches dotted throughout the tiny area, people standing and chatting, drinking champagne. Path leading off to unknown place left and across from chapel entrance.

Past and Present Coming and Going in Memory

  • The place where I sat down with everyone, the strange circular place. Daytime, light rain outside, I had a booth with 3 others.

The Dividing Line

  • My house on the giant wall overlooking the plains. Platform on the wall leading out to unknown destinations. Springtime morning.

History Preserved

  • The ruined castle with the dusty floor. Daytime.


  • My hometown, the area of my home, except where a path normally is, the river and the path lead right around the trees to reveal the mouth of a larger river leading into the ocean, large building in construction.

The Missing Pieces

  • The 29th-century town mostly swallowed up by the sea, old-fashioned lamps throughout the area. Sun is beginning to set.

The Tower

  • The first tube station with the tired-looking woman and her child.
  • The balcony outside, people resting, darkness below, cityscape in the distance. Nighttime; stars clearly visible.
  • The machine with protesters looking at it.
  • Through the hole in the tower, other, ancient tower visible; walls half-gone and overgrown plants covering the bricks, grassy plains in bloom visible below. Cityscape in distance, sunny day.

High Above the Forest

  • Platform high above forest with a crowd of people walking over it, mountains visible in distance (university-type place?) in the afternoon.

The Transformation

  • The new high street full of shops in a very unexpected place. Mid-afternoon.
  • The unknown man’s house, with large windows. Daytime.

Urban Forest

  • Standing in the unfamiliar garden at sunset, looking at the slightly overgrown and partially abandoned building.


  • About to climb the remaining part of the mountain as my second perspective; the terrain rising unevenly ahead and above of me. Clear night, starry sky; at the top, a house with a veranda with a woman looking at the sky, leaning on the wooden railing. This is the same woman that guided me through this place as myself. However, it is unknown where I am at this point.


  • Finally seeing the third and fourth floors, dark and overgrown with vines, faded green walls. On the fourth floor there is a small amount of light from the sun.

Life of Night

  • The arcade in B1F of the shopping centre in the middle of the night, glowing purple.

Transparent Flight

  • Standing in the field, seeing the rails forming in the grass. Lone tree to my left.
  • At night, flying past multicoloured lights in the sky.

The Witch’s Guidance

  • The witch’s apprentice, lost in the snow.

A Convention

  • The initial convention hall, trees visible outside the windows.
  • The exit area with the pink cherry blossom trees.

Storm Clouds

  • The room, and seeing the storm clouds out the door frame.


  • The plaza, with my carefree sundress-wearing friend atop the pillar near the back.

The Old Bridge Incident

  • The entire area with the bridge; quad below, more buildings and walkways in all directions.

If I Could Relive Those Memories

  • Standing in the quad, looking at the memorial.

The Abyss

  • The icy blue part of the ravine city.


  • The beginning of the festival: The opening band is making a short speech, everybody is on the grass holding champagne and other drinks in the late afternoon.

Mist and Lanterns

  • The mainland at night, festival in full swing.

End of an Era

  • Fireworks at the field at midnight, new year’s party.
  • Photos of my old friend posing for the camera.


  • Taking in the view of the rolling hills, the city and the horizon mid-afternoon.


  • Waking up to see the small town blanketed in snow.


  • Watching the sun set with friends in the glass castle.
  • The ruins of layer five.

Snowfall II

  • The high street full of stalls, people and Christmas lights in the evening.

Miscellaneous Dreams II

  • The city skyline.
  • The glowing white Christmas tree seen in the city.
  • Watching the pink and purple aurora (Could be the Northern Lights? I think they’re visible from Iceland too)

The Fall

  • The red inches deep lake of water.
  • The city of dark fuchsia and gold.


  • The arcade/concourse in dim blue lighting.

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