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Banner (originally BG) by Kikiyama

Machigerita – Yume No Uta (feat. Aoki Lapis)

Huzzah, 50th post! I’m surprised I could ever get this into a Vocaloid song. But it’s now one of my current favourite songs. It’s fitting that this one’s from an EP about Yume Nikki too. (Waltz for a Dream Diary, the same EP I posted about…a week ago? I’m not sure.)


Yume Nikki

Banner (originally BG) by Kikiyama

Has anyone played Yume Nikki? Apparently it means “Dream Diary”. It’s about the dreams of a girl whose life and details are made incredibly unclear. It involves exploring a massive game world to collect all the “effects”. It’s been subject to a lot of interpretation, mostly about the main character’s life (Madotsuki). I played it and even had to Google a few things but I finished it. It’s an incredibly dark and disturbing game. A lot of the game has no point, but the meaning is there. It’s up for free download at the Yume Nikki Official Site. I also found a music album based on it; “Waltz for Dream Diary”, which I will post the video of (the trailer anyway, I don’t know if the CD’s available, but it’s also available as a download; see the site). I haven’t heard the trailer though, so I don’t know what it sounds like.