Story A Day, Day 1 – The Tree at the End of the World

Cropped header image by Liese Coulter, CSIRO under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported.

Beneath a lone apple tree at the edge of a cliff knelt an ordinary-looking man, with ordinary windswept brown hair and ordinary attire, taking care of the flowers in its shade, appearing almost motionless to any distant onlooker.

“They won’t believe in you forever.”

He stood up and turned to face the speaker; a woman dressed in flowing white clothes and long red hair. Unfazed, he stared back with no change in expression, standing his ground.

“I did what I had to do to save them. You can look like a deity all you want, but I’m the one down here helping my people.” He said calmly, his relaxed facial expression still holding.

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Header image by Sebastian Ballard under Creative Commons 2.0.

I come to, sitting up as slowly as I can to minimise the damage to my aching back on the pebbles of this rough shingle beach. The waves crash against my feet. Ebb, flow, ebb, flow. There’s nobody in sight and it’s all I can hear. It’s as if I was deaf or everything else had been silenced. It has the same effect either way. I’m left with nothing but my own thoughts, or what’s left of them anyway; now that I try to think about it, I don’t even remember who I am, none of my past life. Maybe there was no past life, and instead I was born to the ocean and sent out into the world as a child of the waves. There’s nothing for me under the surface now. I am to forge a new life for myself now. There’s a steep path leading back up although this beach is only about 5 metres lower than the rest of the…place. Where is this? There’s a cliff far in the distance. I don’t know whether it’s north, south, east or west. But if I face the sea, it’s far to my left, roughly. The journey there takes less time than I expected – still nobody. Continue reading