Comic-Con Report

SO. I finally get around to this.

I got up at 7am again, as per usual. Despite getting ready very quickly I didn’t make it to the con until about 10am. Strangely, a lot of the trains and tubes weren’t that busy – I got seats on the tube AND the DLR, which has never happened. Even other con-goers were commenting on the comparatively quiet nature of the journeys. Continue reading


100th Post!!

Huzzah, 100th post! I got another short dreamlog, a Comic-Con report, notes on the blog and life, and an unfortunate thing to do with Nanowrimo. Maybe a few other things too. It’s still quite a post though. I believe I’ll start with the dreamlog.

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I went to Comic-Con on Saturday and Sunday.

I had an amazing time. This was my first Comic-Con and my second convention (although the last was 7 years ago.) Almost too amazing seeing as I’m still suffering from what some would call post-convention depression. I took photos of some cosplayers I thought had good cosplays. Continue reading