Where Wolves Rise

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A few nights ago I dreamt I could stop time. It was something I could only keep up consciously and with effort, but eventually I learned to do it while doing other things at the same time. I discovered it on a beach holiday with my family, and I’d use it to do things like cross the street without having to wait for a car to go by, or eat an ice cream without it melting and getting all over my clothes. The place I was on holiday in was populated by a lot of stray dogs and cats, though I started seeing slightly larger, wolf-like animals the more I stopped time. Continue reading


Empty Set

Last night, I had yet another dream about the festival from January, but…it felt very different.

It felt like my current self. I was there, but it didn’t feel like I was really truly there: I was fully aware of the fact that I was dreaming, that every person I was was an illusion, that I wasn’t there; that it had already happened and I was living in a memory. It was over. I’d had the time of my life, and I was really back home, dreaming in my own bed. I was on the other side of the thought running through my head at the time, that some day it would all be a memory. Continue reading


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Last night I dreamt I was visiting a quiet town in an unknown country with my family, all of us staying in an expensive suite high up in a hotel. It was a really nice town too, you could see all of it from this high up; the hotel was on the border between the edge of the town and a large river, and there was a dining area at the base of the hotel to capitalise on that. There was a canal cutting through the town about halfway from here to the hills, and halfway between that and the hills was a clock tower, which was the only building other than this hotel which could be called “tall”.  Continue reading


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He looked down over the edge into the fortress’ abyss, and saw a tangle of granite stairs, bridges and arches blanketed in ivy, crumbled in places and collapsed in others. He looked up and saw the same thing plus a faintly visible ceiling with holes in it, nothing but a white sky on the other side. He couldn’t help but fixate on a lone balcony on the inside, halfway between his location and the top of the fortress stairways. He could barely see the room through the arch, but he could see a canvas covering something propped up against a dusty-looking bookcase. He stared and stared until his expedition partner passed him on the bridge, strolling towards the arch leading outside.

“Come on”, she said, “We’ll check out that room when we climb the stairs. Quit staring.” Continue reading


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A convention in a faraway town. A catastrophe at the hot springs caused by the appearance of new predators. The destruction of a mountain village. A misguided fight to the death  in the mountains between two former soldiers trying to regain their lost glory.

And that’s only as far as I got.

In this dream, I found I could load, save and reset this day myself. The entire first half of the dream was spent in this day without me knowing; I chose to go to the faraway convention, completely missing every disaster happening that day. Mysteriously, I still kept everything I’d bought when I reset.

On the next loop, I spend the first half of this day at home with a friend. On the way out I looked at all the shirts I bought and wondered if it was worth it, not yet even aware of how relevant that thought was. Continue reading

Story A Day, Day 26 – The Clock Tower

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I’d missed the bell-ringing ceremony at midnight to open the celebrations, but that didn’t mean I had to miss anything twelve hours later. The streets were moderately busy; people were still waking up, getting ready to leave, or elsewhere. Today was not yet in full swing, nor had the true celebrations started.

The grand clock tower was open to the public today; it was half clock tower, half miniature castle, and definitely the highlight of town at several hundred feet tall. People were sauntering up and down the winding stairs, daylight pouring in through the large ornate windows at certain levels of the tower.  Continue reading

A Convention

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Last night I had a dream more on the ordinary side. It was a convention dream, a recurring type of dream I’ve been having a lot recent. I’ve had panic dreams where I go to a convention without any money or ways to get home, dreams where I’ve arrived late, or even good ones packed solid and where the people I wanted to see were there. Continue reading