We were crossing the road on the way to the supermarket when it happened. That’s it. No “uneventful” days with the constant foreboding feeling something was going to happen, no warning signs that were quickly dismissed, nothing.

I asked my dad if we had any bread back at home.

No response. I asked mum.

No response. Callum.

Nothing, but if something was going on, he’d probably be in on it. What had I done in the last minute that would make them stop talking to me? They were talking to me normally a minute ago and I doubt they’d pull anything this cruel on me. Well, probably not. Continue reading


Mist and Lanterns

Header image by Miya.m under Creative Commons 3.0.

I woke up on the high point of a lush meadow on an island; just from vision and periphery I could tell the island was still a respectable size but I was on the edge either way. I didn’t remember much, but one of the few things I did know was that I lived here, and so far this was just another morning. I looked out towards the horizon, and saw floating islands in the distance through the fog. I’m not sure if they qualified for islands, though. They were large pieces of land, but there was no ocean – just a hazy white void populated by similar large pieces of land.

When I looked up, I saw that the one I was on was chained to a much larger island beside it – seemingly populated as there were buildings visible, and lights on the distant edge. I hadn’t really been there much – the city didn’t particularly suit me very well, though I did know how to get there. The void ferryman was a nice person, so I was never particularly apprehensive about the trip anyway. Before I did that, though, I just had to take a walk around my home island. The flowers looked particularly nice today; a walk through the field would be worth it. Continue reading

750 Words Day 27

I wasn’t sure where I was at the time. Confused and slightly hungry, I continued walking, the bag feeling heavier on my back. I was told I would find something out in this wilderness. This place scared me. I walked on flat grass plains, but this wasn’t the strange part; above me was a stone ceiling going on for as far as the grass went, with only occasional holes in the ceiling through which sunlight struck the ground, or at least my ground. The grass I could see, anyway; a fog encircled the area centred on me. It was all the same inside and outside my field of vision. I could hear faint, undefined noises beneath my feet, clearly echoing. It sounded like there was an ocean beneath the grass. Continue reading

Willow Trees in the Fog

Photo by Romuald Bokėj

Header photo by Romuald Bokėj under Creative Commons 2.0.

I don’t even remember when this dream occurred. Whether it was old, whether it was new…I don’t remember, but I do know it was a place I’d seen in a previous dream. A different part of the same place, with the same air of mystery and timelessness about it. It was inbetween two different places I’d seen in previous dreams, which is the first time my dreams have ever been interconnected between more than two dreams…sometimes I wonder if there really is a story behind it all. Maybe it’s all part of the same world; it is, really, one world I can access conscious or unconscious. They rarely cross over, though. These occasional crossovers are what I write about. Continue reading